Powder Wars The Supergrass Who Brought Down Britain's Biggest Drug Dealers [E–pub New]

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A gritty account of growing up as a member of one of Liverpool s crime families Paul Grimes steps you through his I stress his account of being a career criminal From shop lifting in Bootle to nationwide drug importing Grimes crossed paths with the likes of Curtis Warren and John Hasse later putting them away when he turned grass due to his son dying of an overdoseThis book is split into two with Graham Johnson giving background information to Grimes first person accountThe book is a good read however it. Gangster Paul Grimes was a one man crimewave with a breathtaking capacity to steal Any villains who got in his way were made to pay often with their blood But when his son died of a drugs overdose the old school mobster swore revenge on the new generation of Liverpool based heroin and cocaine dealers Against all odds he turned undercover informantThe first gangster to fall foul of Grimes' change of heart was Curtis Warren aka 'Cocky' the wealthiest and most successful criminal in British hi.

About 910 A fascinating read Got through this one very uickly Good account of Liverpool Gangster turning against major drug dealer Was given this didn t now much about it and as it was a short book thought I d give it a go Wasn t a bad start but as I read on it was just the same ol same ol again and again I got bored and was thankful when I got to the end A powerful true account of organised crime in Liverpool 3 from HMV Worth a read I suppose Nothing in it that wasn t covered in McIntyres Underworld. He discovered his second son was now a rising star in the drugs business The life or death uestion was should he shop him or not Powder Wars also reveals the secrets behind one of the most controversial episodes in British judicial history how former Home Secretary Michael Howard was duped into granting John Haase a Royal PardonToday Paul Grimes has a £100000 contract on his head and is a real life dead man walking Powder Wars is a riveting account of modern gangsters told in brutal detail.

Powder Wars The Supergrass Who Brought Down Britain's Biggest Drug Dealers E–pub New

S ruined by Grimes poor justification for turning grass informer He happy laughs off attacking people with claw hammers and throwing people out of cars but preaches that those who sell drugs are the scum of the earth Such hypocrisy is comical Read this book some years ago and could not put it down Opens your ryes and confirms your suspicions of the gangland culture operating in Liverpool It was alrightI ve read a lot of these story s in previous books sosame old same old Try find something new to Wright. Story Grimes infiltrated his cocaine cartel and led Customs to the largest narcotics seizure on record putting Warren in the dock in the drugs trial of the twentieth centuryAfter turning his attention to heroin baron John Haase Grimes rose to become the boss of the villain's notoriously bloodthirsty 'security firm' a professional gang of racketeers addicted to cocaine explosive violence and non stop criminality But as his net began to tighten Grimes was confronted with the ultimate dilemma.

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