[Der Fieberkopf] EBOOK/EPUB

Der Fieberkopf EBOOK/EPUB

Music combos When Captain Ox who has two bodies that must be always separated by 35 meters but which are controlled by one consciousness only gets one body trapped in a oom in a brothel with two prostitutes and the other body kidnapped by monks the shit The Kaya-Girl really hits the fan This after giant hellish thermometers appear in the sky as omens to a ski party being hosted by a gynocidal maniac the ocean is full of flour and poets declare Brazil socks of the world Screams do not go unheard in this novel Nor are they free from Ulf This novel is barely such a thing it s a picareseue nightmare comedy centered around two correspondents pen pals who have never met and who can never seem to get letters to each other without them crossing in the mail and Ulf s sinister machinations getting in the way Skiers are miniaturized thermometers are abused and female pilots give birth to globes on New Zealand beaches Then there s Ulf And Tom the feverhead himself who has to use his fever to melt his way out of his iglooI could go on and on This thing is freakish and absurd and I love itLove Ulf Deutsche Rezension aus HansBlogde Der Briefroman ist auf mehreren Ebenen irre St ndig berkreuzen sich Briefe und Telegramme die Sprache hat etwas Besessenes bertrieben Biederes aufdringlich Banales ohne je platt zu bl ken oder kalauern die Handlung wird immerasender die spie igen Akteure verwickeln sich in immer seltsame. Wolfgang Bauer is best known in his native Austria as a playwright and director and as the author of a single oft eprinted novel The Feverhead written in 1966 The Feverhead is written in the form of letters between a couple of not at all bright Austrians Their correspondence is doomed to

Re Geschichten bis ins Fantastische hinein lauter Fieberk pfeUnd darum bin ich nach der H lfte ausgestiegen Wolfgang Bauer 1941 2005 schreibt vergn glich einerseits aber auch v llig verwirrend und wenn man etwas versteht doch implausibel Unentwegt trifft man Protagonisten wie Ulpian Hemmelberger einen entfernten Verwandten Hubert Fabian Kulterers Ja das zergeht auf der Zunge aber es wirkt auf Dauer zu sehr nur noch sinnfrei Das weitere berkreuzen der Briefe bemerkt man im allgemeinen Chaos der Ereignisse und Charaktere gar nicht mehr Das Fischer Taschenbuch zitiert am Ende eine SZ Rezension von Benjamin Henrichs Man kapiert da man gar nichts kapieren soll Sowas kann lustig sein und sprachlich ist es das hier auch Aber trotzdem auf Dauer nix f mich nyrb Omnibus Films reissue this you cowards This is the only novel Bauer wrote and he is known as a playwright This novel explains and illustrates Bauer s techniue of using doubled characters doppelgangers to bring the characters into greaterelief The novel is a story of a writer creating a world and that world comes back into him at the end of the novel It is an allegory of the writing process and succeeds in that vein If you are looking for an entertaining Graeco-Egyptian Magick read I don tecommend it but as a study of the writing process it is very exciting To see this doppelganger techniue in action Slave Again (Whispers of Refuge read his play Change which is very exciting for the student of theater an. Ailure nearly every letter crosses in the post and yet they succeed in their uest the search for a perfect thermometer and a serial murderer In fact they both independently discover the secret of the universe in aemote spot thousands of miles from their intended and different destinations.

Wolfgang Bauer ☆ 3 eview

D literature this is one i d eally like to Autumn Days with the Moodys (Moody Family read again Dear Potential ReaderThis novel starts out as a blithely humorous exchange of missed letters between two idiotic Austrian pen pals but grows increasingly bizarre The humor wore thin at times and the extreme proliferation of exclamation points made it feel as if the book were screaming at me but I liked the absurdity of it all There are some truly great surreal passages toward the end YoursUlf Crazy penpals absurdist novella The Feverhead is a droll story of outlandish goings on told via the short letters of Frank Heinz two men who can only be described as uaint uirky and generally off theirockers It begins uite normally but when their letters keep crossing confusion sets in and the two penpals begin to make crazier and crazier claims as to where they are and what they e up to A city inside a giant head a three eyed seadog captain who has two bodies just 35m apart transvestite nuns microscopic schoolgirls All sorts of bonkers stuff Recommended to those who enjoy tales of warped imagination and surreal tomfoolery I have a tenuous grasp on what this book was about the second to last letter almost explained what was going on and then the final letter left me completely baffled again I have no idea if I ve enjoyed myself I spent the last half of the book saying over and over I have no idea what s going on So Take from that what you wil. Bauer's comedy of errors is enacted by an unusual cast that includes microscopic schoolgirls ambiguously sexed nuns incompetent detectives two ultimately bad poets living steam engines and a venerable three eyed sea captain whose two bodies emain exactly 35 metres apart not to mention ULF.

Bauer was born in Graz Styria His breakthrough play was Magic Afternoon in 1967 in which he portrays four youths who interrupt their lazy and boring afternoon by unmotivated outbreaks of violence and aggression Magic Afternoon was adapted for the screen most recently by Catherine Jelski in 2000 as The Young Unknowns After two successes Change 1969 and Gespenster Ghosts 1973 Bauer

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