(High Seas High Stakes Naval Battles That Changed History) [PDF/EPUB] ✓ Timothy B. Shutt

(High Seas High Stakes Naval Battles That Changed History) PDF/EPUB ✓ Timothy B. Shutt

Var fyrir vonbrig um me essa fyrirlestra B i fannst m kennarinn Shutt vera n kv mur vali s nu hva v i battle Stundum var a einst k orrusta en um tilvikum var a samansafn taka sama sv i yfir langt t mabil Einnig eru herslur vestr na bardaga sem mikilv gustu Ekkert er minnst t mabili As u og Indlandi ur en Evr pub ar og Bandar kjamenn s ttu anga en ar voru margir bardagar sem skiptu sk pum um Omnibus Films r un stvelda ar A s ustu voru sk Graeco-Egyptian Magick ringar Shutts n kv mar stundum og oft bei g eftir v a heyra skingar sem g vissi a voru mikilv gar vi komandi vi bur um en Shutt skauta i framhj If you Slave Again (Whispers of Refuge re a student of naval history Professor Shutt is not likely to tell you anything about Trafalgar or Midway you don t already know that said this is a very good survey of naval battles and would be a perfect introduction to the subject for a bright teenager interested in such things This is one of Shutt s weaker offerings His main area of study seems to be epic poetry in the Middle Ages This collection of stories that illuminate a small collection of militaryworld history comes off as much less polished than his other courses but still his enthusiasm comes through The course also suffers from the typical weakness of the Modern Scholar course guide The actual naval battles cry out to be illustrated with maps and diagrams to show the geography and movements involved and the guide contains one or two very poor maps and graphics. Naval battles have long captured the popular imagination from confrontations between Athens and Sparta in the ancient world to the epic conflicts that took place during the World Wars and beyond In thisiveting series of lectures Professor Timothy B Shutt of Kenyon College explores the naval battles that have helped to establish empires and have changed historyThroughout the course of world events as trade and com merce grew in importance and nations became ever de.

Still there is a lot of important historical information in this course and Shutt describes the broad movements of the fleets involved well enough that you get a pretty good picture of what is going on The naval battles themselves and especially the early ones provide a framework for him to build around the history of the overall conflicts The first three sea battles are told within a short ecap of his course on the Persian Peloponnesian and Punic wars The final four battles cover the major naval events for WWI and WWII In between are interesting discussions of sea battles I d never even heard of before this Tsushima between Japan and Russia Lepanto between the Muslim Ottomans and the Holy League and uiberon Bay between the French and British during the Seven Years War Trafalgar is also discussed but while Nelson s great success is obvious I m still trying to figure out exactly what happened during the battle There is also a a eally good explanation of the Spanish Armada it s goals and what went wrong The lectures on WWI and II are the most fun when dreadnought battleships and aircraft carriers get involved and there is an especially interesting lecture on German submarines and their use in the Atlantic over both wars The best lecture was the first one however in which Shutt emphasizes that naval war vessels are the most complicated most sophisticated most expensive technological constructs that ar. Pendent on the import and export of all manner of goods control of the world’s waterways and shipping lanes became a key determinant in which nations eigned supreme As demon strated so aptly in the World Wars blockades at sea can strangle a nation as effectively as sieges laid against walled cities of oldWith studied insight into the events that have shaped the world over the millennia Professor Shutt imparts an under standing and appreciation for the importance.

Timothy B. Shutt î 7 READ

E created by societies in the pursuit of warmaking To think that most of these amazing creations are disintegrating at the bottom of the ocean is a sobering comment on where mankind s productivity has gone This lecture series has a fundamental problem in that each battle is treated so briefly that you feel like you didn t get a chance to learn them This is not so much the fault of the professor as this choice of format namely allowing only so much time for each fight not much in this course which I didn t know the title was a bit bombastic and the lecturer had a very over the top method of eading not bad just not very good My expectation wasn t super high for this book The four stars are probably a bit generous based upon expectations It s eally a series of lectures presented by a college professor on significant naval battles The college professor is interesting and knowledgable but it is still a professor providing lectures The lectures are high level introductions to various significant battles I listened to the lecture ather than eading it thus profiting from the subtle enthusiasm of the lecturer for his topic I can understand however that those less familiar with some of the history would be confused by Shutt often jumping around too uickly or leaving our some introductory commentary I didn t like my first try but this time I enjoyed the lectures Will follow up with some elated eading. Of naval warfare in world history and of the grandeur and daring that define these awe inspiring clashes Lecture 1 SalamisLecture 2 ArginusaeLecture 3 EcnomusLecture 4 ActiumLecture 5 LepantoLecture 6 The Spanish ArmadaLecture 7 The Downs and the Dutch WarsLecture 8 uiberon BayLecture 9 TrafalgarLecture 10 TsushimaLecture 11 JutlandLecture 12 The Battles of the AtlanticLecture 13 The Battle of MidwayLecture 14 Endgame The Battles of the Philippine Sea and Leyte Gulf.

For eighteen years Professor Timothy Baker Shutt has taught at Kenyon College in rural Gambier Ohio famed for its splendid teaching for its literary tradition and for its unwavering commitment to the liberal arts No teacher at Kenyon has ever been often honored both by the college and by his students for his exceptional skills in the classroom and as a lecturer Professor Shutt’s cours

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