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Elped me find this book again and nabling me to purchase a copy for my collection Good story fairly short beautifully written by giving very precise descriptions to the detailsit Secret Agent Minister and Deadly Texas Rose expanded my vocabulary while i was reading it learned many new words i recommend it for anyone who would like to read about vikings and old scandinavian storiesPS I really loved the Berserker s descriptions Harald s village was burnt down by a group of warriors Some of Harald s men thought they should go after them as revenge and hunt them down So Harald and a batch of warriors boarded his ship and sailed. Vikings and pursues the raiders The chase leads him across the Atlantic Ocean to theast coast of America He and his crew ncounter Inuit.

Another Treece trip to North America Vikings and Indians it didn t get any better for a ten year old Brilliant book In AD 780 Norse youth Harald Sigurdson sails for the Road to Miklagard for treasure a journey that puts him on the path to his nemesis not the best of the series but a great nding to the trilogy and consistent with the rest of the series I remember reading this as a child in my public school library and to read it again so many years later I felt that child s Her First Mother (Conveniently Wed, excitement again but appreciated new facets of the book through my now adult spectacles I m glad Goodreads Harald is now a mature man andnjoying a peaceful life of farming with his wife and sons When his village is attacked he forms a crew of.

To find them After weeks of voyaging they found that their boat had been wreckedAcross the sea they saw the coast of Greenland They befriended a warrior tribe there The chief had two sons Wawasha and Heome Wawasha was a brave young warrior and Heome had lost the use of his hands because of a childhood incident with a bearUnfortunately whilst out hunting with Wawasha and Grummoch Harald was ambushed In the attack Wawasha sadly died I think this book is one of the greatest Welcome Home, Cowboy (Wed In The West, endings of a series that I have read because the hero dies in thend and becasue of the last scenes with him aliv. And then Native Americans Harald's final fight takes place among the native tribes In a great battle it is revealed that he is a berserke.

PDF or EBOOK Vikings Sunset Viking Saga #3

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Henry Treece was a British poet and writer who worked also as a teacher and editor He is perhaps best remembered now as a historical novelist particularly as a children's historical novelist although he also wrote some adult historical novels