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Ke a soap opera and not one of the good ones like YR Very tedious readI will probably remember this one for the hero going on and on and on And On How he was super glad his stepdad s first wife finally kicked the bucket Her crime Divorcing her husband after two ears when it became evident their infatuation had faded and their incompatibility doomed a successful marriage That he declared his joy about some poor innocent lady s death was bad enough but that he did it repeatedly before that lady s daughter kind of killed the hero vibe for me Fortunately for himthe heroine was such a Mary Sue she would forgive everyone for every wrong committed on earth so he and she did get their HE A Wonderful book Full of heartache and loss for the heroine After the death of her loving parents Faith finds out that she was an adopted child When she reveals to her boyfriend he and his snobbish mother reject her In her grief she goes to visit her godmother hoping to find out who her real parents are Another twist in the tale her godmother a famous actress reveals that she is in fact her mother She had her when she was a ounger wife newly divorced from her husband and dead set on having an acting career She gave the child up to her good friends who were childless but kept in touch as a godmother She also reveals that Faith s father never knew about her Soon after she also passes away Faith feels totally alone in the world and decides to look for her father She knows he has a farm in the South of New Zealand She decides to look for a job nearby and hopefully run into him or his family Serendipitously she finds a job with his grand aunts They are writing a history of their family and needed someone to transcribe their stories It is the perfect job for her She is a bit apprehensive since when she arrives she meets the step son of her father and he tells her of his deep animosity to his step father s first wife She is suddenly loath to reveal her identity However she takes it as an opportunity to get to know the family she should have had It s uite a poignant story since she fits in so well with all her relatives and gets to know her grand parents They all feel a kinship to her The hero Garth her father s step son is attracted to her but she is very wary of revealing her true relationship so she makes up a story that she has a previous attachment The story moves on in this manner until the tension builds and everything comes to a head They do have their HEA and a perfect happy conclusion Heroine goes in search of father lies about a lot of things falls in love with stepbrother and then the whole truth is revealed It was effin grea. Was her father's grim stepson Gareth Morgan who could not forget the family scandal or forgive Faith for.

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D learning that she was adopted Faith was hired by her great aunts to document the family history and write a book for the future generation starting from the time her great grand parents left Scotland to the recent time There were many touching stories and passages but there was this one poem sent to her great grand mother from a distant cousin in America after losing her only son that really touched meHoney there will be a hoop And hills to roll it down God couldn t give a little boy The burden of a crown He ll show ou lots of trees to climb and where he keeps the swings God let him have a ball and bat Instead of shining wings And will He let With Baited Breath (Warhammer 40,000) you sail a kite Up where the sky is clear Without tall buildings stooping down Of course He will my dear Now closeour eyes I ll kiss them shut The way I always do I must I must not cry dear God Until he s safe with You Like The Tender Leaves this is a family reunion romance It s a little different as the heroine learns uite early she was adopted and the specifics of who her real parents areThe complication in this case comes from the hero Gareth who is protective of his mother and feels any reminder of his step father s first wife can only be painfulThere is a lot of history in this story as the heroine Faith comes to Goblin Hill to help write the family history in the hope of meeting her father and his family anonymouslyIt is a little different to similar stories as we get to see Gareth s feelings uite clearly An enjoyable read This is one of my favorites I have read it a number of times but still enjoy rereading it After the deaths Faith s parents she is very surprised to learn that she had been adopted as an infant and that her beloved godmother was actually her mother this happens early in the book so it not really a spoiler In addition her father is still alive and married again but never even knew she existed So she decides to try and find a job in that area and secretly meet her family Then maybe just maybe in time she can reveal who she really is But her very first meeting with Gareth Morgan her father s stepson puts paid to that as he expresses is deeply abiding resentment of her father s first wife Now no matter how much she comes to love everyone at Goblin Hill Gareth included she must keep her secret and somehow tear herself away If only somehow Gareth could understand The New Zealand travelogue and huge chunky info dumps of NZ history combined with the family drama of a former Seekret Baybee now grown daughter toiling to get to know her dad and extended fam under a Seekret Identity including a Fake Fiance did not leave much room for romance It was li. E could not rest until she had gone to New Zealand in search of him But the real problem she soon realized.

Heroine discovers her family of birth when her adoptive parents die After attending her birth mother s deathbed heroine goes undercover to meet her birth father and meets her stepbrother his mother is married to the hero s father Hero hates her birth mother so heroine decides she should keep her identity uietThat s it That s the plot This is a typical scenario for ES and it s solved with everyone loving the heroine on sight the family deciding to understand the actress birth mother for choosing her career over farm life and the stepbrother inheriting everything This is a very low key story No OW Only one death defying incident with poachers Lots and lots of NZ history family history and poetry This would be boring for most readers however I enjoyed hunting for LM Montgomery Easter eggs The Story Girl is mentioned out right Heroine s name is Meredith Faith Faith Meredith was the oldest daughter of the minister s family in Rainbow Valley and Rilla of Ingleside ES uses so many phrases and descriptions from LMM s novels that I m almost tempted to run plagiarism software Not that I know how I finally figured out why the characters uoting poetry or using descriptive language in LM Montgomery s stories never bothered me and it bothers me in ES s stories LM Montgomery always has a character scold Anne or whomever for getting above herself or make fun of their pretensions She lets us know that these characters are living in their own heads and people do notice Not everyone is a kindred spirit or aspires to be or needs to be ES has everyone spouting poetry and agreeing on everything except for the OW when there is oneNaksed has all the details in her review While searching for her real father Faith is asked to compile the history of a New Zealand pioneer farming family The book describes the fictional history of the family over a 120 odd ear period as settlers in New Zealand and that description itself is fascinatingA lovely old fashioned romance with misunderstandings and a knight errand hero I read Harleuin Romances by the truck load when I was in high school than 40 ears ago and Essie Summers was one of my favorite authors A friend just moved to New Zealand and I got a hankering to reread some of these books because they are set there The descriptions of the settings are great but I m way too old for these they are just way too predictable for anyone who has read a few books I find the conflicts to be sort of eye rollingly silly The book synopsis is very good except the lead female character went to London for a month to learn about her real parents from her godmother after the death of her adoptive parents an. Only after the tragic deaths of her adoptive parents did Faith learn the whereabouts of her real father Sh.

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Essie Summers was a New Zealand author who wrote so vividly of the people and landscape of her native country that she was offered The Order Of the British Empire for her contributions to New Zealand tourismEthel Snelson Summers was born on on July 24 1912 to a newly emigrated couple Ethel Snelson and Edwin Summers situated in Bordesley Street in Christchurch Essie was always proud of both he

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