(PDF) [Fashions Fade Haunted Is Eternal A Haunted Vintage Mystery #7] × Rose Pressey

(PDF) Fashions Fade Haunted Is Eternal A Haunted Vintage Mystery #7 × Rose Pressey

Some nice character development and sweet moments as well The end was heart warming for a couple of reasons and was a great closer for the story I was also leased to read a teaser chapter at the end of the book from a new Rose Pressey series The Haunted Arts Crafts Mystery Series coming soon from Kensington I will definitely be reading the first book in that series as soon as I can get it Rose Pressey never disappointsI love the mix of humor and mystery in her cozies She develops her background theme uite well with info and tips on vintage fashion and where to find good deals on vintage items The background theme doesn t over A Full Scholarship (Sex Powers University 1) power the mystery or the characters thoughjust adds a nice flair The supernatural elements aren t over done but just the icing on the story This series is enjoyable and always well written It s great as a funalate cleanser when my brain gets its fill of horror and crime drama I will definitely keep reading this series Can t wait for book 8I voluntarily read an advanced readers copy of this book from Kensington via NetGalley All opinions expressed are entirely my own Not a series to start at book 7 obviously The idea of a vintage clothing dealer who Summer Break (Gods at Eighteen 3) picks up ghosts and solves murders isn t bad and the execution is serviceable but meh wasn t worth the time really Fashions Fade Haunted is Eternal by Rose Pressey is the 7th book in A Haunted Vintage Mystery series and another fun book Cookie Chanel is helping out with vintage clothing for a model shoot in the cemetery With the help of ghost Charlotte her grandmother who appears as the cat Wind Song and a new ghost from the 1920 s Minnie they work to solve aresent day murder of the Gone Cold photographer This book series is a funaranormal cozy mystery series that does not disappoint I recommended this bookseriesI received this book in exchange for a fair and honest review Cookie Chanel the owner of the chic clothing store It s Vintage Y All in Sugar Creek Georgia has been hired to dress models for a fashion shoot The spread will be featured in Fashion and Style magazine s October issue so the models are The Black Shriving (Chronicles of the Black Gate posing in a cemetery As someone who can see and talk to ghosts Cookie s not spooked by the location But she is surprised when a new ghost appears decked out in 1920 s couture And she s shocked when she hears a gunshot Then a model runs toward her saying the grumpyhotographer has been edited out of the icture for good With help from her ghostly als Cookie must zoom in on the truth before she s the next to strike a final ose Series A Haunted Vintage Mystery Book 7Author Rose Pressey Genre CozyParanormal MysteryPublisher Kensington Books Rose Pressey s A Haunted Vintage Mystery from Kensington Books is an enduring fun and highly well written series that leaves readers smiling and happy Her heroes are easy to empathize with her villains are easy to dislike and her victims are everything you want a murder victim to be They are cold selfish and egotistical rude and downright obnoxious at times And her ghosts are entertaining In Fashion Fades Haunted is Eternal once again Rose has orchestrated a well rounded lot driven story that is made to keep the reader guessing and entertained Cookie is finding that working with a Mama Ds pasta pizza photographer who is rude and nasty is not her idea of fun The models look great in the clothes sheicked but they aren t any happier with the Photographer than she is But when he takes a break to take a call and a gunshot rings out Cookie jumps in to help solve the crime With the help of her cat who happens to be her grandmother her ghost sidekick Charlotte and a couple of new additions she soon learns the truth but The Expected One (Magdalene Line Trilogy, places herself in grave danger This isn t the first time Cookie has been in this situation she seems destined to be involved whenever there is murder Fashions Fade Haunted is Eternal is a great addition to the series and will thrill readers with its twists and turns This book can stand on its own but would be better if the reader has already read the other books in the series Character development is essential and this series and book show how accomplished characters should be written The hints on how to buy vintage clothing are a wonderful addition as chapter headings And the surprises at the end of the will leave the reader amazed I highly recommend this book as well as the series to readers who want their characters full of excitement and their killers remorseless Wit just enougharanormal activity to keep disbelief at bay. Okie Chanel's Shopping Tips Praise for the Haunted Vintage MysteriesRose Pressey's books are fun Janet EvanovichAn appealing rotagonist who is as sweet as a Southern accent Library Journal Chic and uirky heroine Cookie Chanel and a supporting cast of small town Southern characters are sure to charm lovers of high fashion and murderous hi jinks alike Jennie Bentl.

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Cookie Chanel is at a hoto shoot in a cemetery She has Aubrey Beardsley, The Man And His Work provided vintage outfits for the models and is anxious to finish and get back to her store After all there s no reason for her to be afraid she already sees and talks to ghosts Unfortunately there is a reason to be afraid The obnoxioushotographer Tyler is shot and killed during a break Was it one of the models an annoyed assistant or an angry model s boyfriend Cookie thrusts herself in the middle of the investigation as usual and begins to look around In the meantime Minnie Lynn a new ghost Jazz Ukulele presumably from the 1920s shows up to hang out with Cookie and her full time ghost friend Charlotte To make things even interesting when investigating the scene of the crime at night Cookie encounters a black cat which later tells her it is the spirit of the deceasedhotographerCookie works her magic and solves the case despite much Off 13 personal danger including a kidnap attempt I enjoy the series and the end was really adorable This series keeps getting better and better we have ghosts cats fashion friendship romance oh and murder and that is just the first chapter A wonderful cozy that is a completeage turner thank you Rose Pressey for writing such great booksCookie has been asked to Amata Means Beloved provide some Vintage clothing for a Magazinehoto shoot whilst helping set up in the graveyard the hoto shoot turns into a shooting instead now Cookie needs to work with her resident ghost Charlotte a new ghost by the name of Minnie Cookie s Grandmother Pearl still in the body of Cookie s cat Wind Song a new cat and of course her best friend Heather who is a fake Psychic except suddenly she is no longer fake as she can now see and hear the ghosts oh and Cookie needs to try NOT to upset her boyfriend Dylan Valentine head of the local law enforcementWith nothing appearing to be what it seems Cookie and her friends need to sort this out uickly before Cookie ends up joining Charlotte on the other side I absolutely adore this novel It has fantastic characters a great lot and many other wonderful ualities I highly recommend this story and can t wait to see what the author comes it with next Another great book by Ms Pressey Fashions Fade Haunted is Eternal by Rose Pressey takes us back to Sugar Creek Georgia Cookie Chanel owns It s Vintage Y All and has been hired by Tyler Fields a Juice photographer to style models for a fashion shoot for the Halloween issue of Fashion Style magazine The shoot is takinglace at a local cemetery where Tyler has been snappish all day and Cookie saw him get into an argument with a man who has been lingering in the background all day Cookie is surprised when a ghost dressed in fashions from the 1920s appears next to her and her ghostly friend Charlotte Minnie Lynn is wearing the earls that Cookie recently acuired at an estate sale Before she can react to the spirit a shot rings out which sends Cookie running towards the sound A model runs ast her stating the Gudrun photographer is dead Cookie finds Tyler lying next to a headstone and he has taken his last shot Detective Dylan Valentine Cookie s boyfriend arrives on the scene and Cookie fills him in on all the details Dylan thankfully knows better than to warn Cookie not to delve into the case Cookie is back at her shop when her friend Heatherops in To their surprise Heather can now see Charlotte and Minnie Cookie s first order of business is identifying the man that Tyler was arguing with at the cemetery Krissy Dustin one of the models from the shoot is a talkative woman and Mob Mistress provides a suspect in Tyler sossessive ex girlfriend Cookie goes back to examine the crime scene in detail and a helpful cat leads her to a clue Cookie soon discovers that the cat is no ordinary feline Cookie with the help of her spirit friends Grandma Pearl aka Wind Song and her new feline companion sets out to dig up Tyler s killer Fashions Fade Haunted is Eternal is an entertaining and lighthearted cozy mystery Cookie Chanel is a uirky young woman who dresses in vintage fashions lus drives a beautiful classic car Her best friend Heather Sweet owns Magic Emporium which has helpful books for Cookie lus a Ouija board when Grandma Pearl needs to converse Minnie Lynn was a fun addition to the book The witty repartee between Minnie and Charlotte will have you in stitches The way Cookie walks around town talking to the ghosts I am surprised the whole town is not aware that she can see and talk with spirits I like that Dylan is now aware of Cookie s A Choosing to Survive photo shoot in a graveyard ends in a grave shooting Cookie Chanel owner of the chic clothing store It's Vintage Y'All in Sugar Creek Georgia has been hired to dress models for a fashion shoot The spread will be featured in Fashion and Style magazine's October issue so the models areosing in a cemetery As someone who can see and talk to ghosts Cookie's not spo.

Ecret Dylan Valentine is a good man and the Robin Hood perfect suitor for Cookie He understands her and accepts her does not want to change her I like that nothing seems tohase Dylan The mystery is straightforward and is a cinch to solve Cookie goes around asking uestions listening in on conversations and does a little catfishing to garner information The ending is romantic and heartwarming readers will love it It was the Felipa perfect ending for Fashions Fade Haunted is Eternal Fashions Fade Haunted is Eternal is the seventh book in A Haunted Vintage Mystery and it can be read alone Rose Pressey has an engaging casual writing style which makes her stories aleasure to read Her characters are likeable and the setting is charming The town is filled with friendly residents who understand and accept Cookie s uirks I am giving Fashions Fade Haunted is Eternal 4 out of 5 stars I liked it If you wish to read a lively and humorous cozy mystery then look no further than Fashions Fade Haunted is Eternal Princess Fuzzypants here I hate it when a book lets me down especially when it is the latest in a good series I was enjoying the story enormously I have become uite fond of Cookie her resident ghosts and all the others who The Vavasour Macbeth populate her world It s tough to find that fine balance between entertaining and over the top and this series has it down to a scienceCookie gets involved in the murder of ahotographer doing a fashion shoot in a cemetery Along the way she The Blueprint (English Edition) picks up a rather sweet new ghost and another kitty with whom the murder victim now shares his furry black body Since her grandmother is joined with her kitty Wind Song things are as normal as they ever are She even has her detective boyfriend accepting heraranormal normal and her best friend Heather suddenly can see the ghosts too All well and goodThere is lots of action and tense moments as the killer stalks and tries to harm Cookie So why would an intelligent woman follow her Crisis of the Strauss Divided prime suspect in a vehicle out into the woods alone except for her ghostly companions I like suspense and I like some tingles to my spine I get frustrated when my heroine acts like one the dumb females in a horror movie There was a slight redemption in the way Cookie s spectral assistants helped her but it forces me to rate this book lower than I would have likedUntil thatoint it was five The Master Masons of Chartres purrs and twoaws up It dropped to four VARSITY ABDL (Age Play, Forced Regression, Enema, Domestic Discipline, Spanking Romance) purrs and twoaws up good when it could have been great Cozy mysteries are my book candy When I need something sweet and light I run right to my favorite cozy writers I ve been reading a lot of horror and hard hitting thrillers lately and needed a good Road House - The Novel palate cleanser Rose Pressey is one of my favorite cozy authors Her books never fail to be entertaining and fun with just a splash of supernatural spookinessFashions Fade Haunted is Eternal is the 7th book in the Haunted Vintage mystery series Cookie Chanel owns a vintage clothing shop It s Vintage Y all in Sugar Creek GA While I don t really care about fashion vintage or otherwise Cookie also sees ghosts In fact one of her best friends iswell dead Charlotte Meadows former socialite now hangs around the shop and helps Cookie choose vintage outfits and solve mysteries That isn t the strangest thing about Cookie s life thoughthe spirit of her deceased grandmother lives inside Cookie s cat Wind Song Since the cat can t talk the grandmother gives advice using a Ouija board Occasionally other spirits stop bymostly to ask Cookie to help solve their murders Justar for the courseThis time around it s fall and Photographer Tyler Fields is shooting Gnosis pictures for the upcoming October issue of Fashion Style magazine Cookie helpedick out some vintage outfits for the models so she s watching the Left to Die-a First Hand Account of Life in the Superdome during Hurricane Katrina photo shoot at the local Sugar Creek Cemetery Tyler is a bit rude yelling at the models and acting like an ass Just as Cookie meets a new spirit named Minnie from the 1920s a gunshot rings out Tyler Fields will never be rude again Who killed thehotographer Cookie and her spirit Dolphin Diaries Bind-Up pals are on the caseThis series is just fun to read The characters are cute and work together well at amateur sleuthing What Cookie can t ferret out her spirit buddies generally can That s one of theerks of working with ghosts that nobody else can see or hear I like the lovely feline Wind Songespecially since it s also Cookie s grandmother I don t think I would like it if my cats could talk to me using an Ouija boardI think all they would do is complain This newest book has. Oked by the location But she is surprised when a new ghost appears decked out in 1920s couture And she's shocked when she hears a gunshot Then a model runs toward her saying the grumpy The Wingman Chronicles photographer has been edited out of theicture for good With help from her ghostly Flood Legends pals Cookie must zoom in on the truth before she's the next to strike a finalose Don't Miss Co.

Rose Pressey is a USA Today Bestselling author She enjoys writing uirky and fun novels with a paranormal twist The paranormal has always captured her interest The thought of finding answers to the unexplained fascinates herWhen she's not writing uirky and fun mysteries she loves eating cupcakes with sprinkles reading spending time with family and listening to oldies from the fiftiesRose

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