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Fears that he is lost to her forever the agony pushes her to even stronger feats of action to save her life and the love she does not want to loseWhat readers dream about in a happily ever after romance Diana Cosby writes with grace style and a true appreciation for the written word By Diana CosbyLady Gwendolyn Murphy s fiance has finally arrived at Latharn Castle and she is not happy at all Gwendolyn is well aware of Broccin MacRaith s cold reputation however from the first glance she is drawn to the intimidating man How is this even possible How could she even be dazzled by such a callous manLittle does she know Broccin is dead The man that Gwendolyn thinks is her intended is actually Sir Aiden MacConnell a member of the Knights Templar and her enemy pretending to be the earl to gain access to the castle As a member of the Knights Templar Aiden s soul is dedicated to God and war which means he has no time for luxuries of the flesh But he hadn t counted on Gwendolyn s intoxicating beauty intellect and fortitude luring him to want the forbiddenNow with the wedding date ickly approaching and the future of Scotland at stake Aiden has to gather critical intelligence and get ready to leave without getting too close to Gwendolyn or getting caught But a twist of fate forces him to choose Will he move forward with a life built on a lie or will he risk everything for the heart of one womanDiana Cosby s writing is incredibly fantastic Her stories sweep me away to a time long gone Her characters come to life and pull you in so that you feel what they feel and you see what they are seeing as if you are right there with them The Knights Templar are Behind the Throne (Morgan Crowe Trilogy, utterly fascinating and Ms Cosby mixes together the perfect amounts of history and romance so that the story never bores you I found this 3rd installment to be the best so far and I look forward to reading the next book when it comes out as well The Knights Templar are a legend that transcends time and I can never read enough about This was a time of turmoil and a fight for dominance in the world and Scotland was part of that fray Lady Gwendolyn of Latharn Castle is awaiting her betrothed Broccin MacRatith to arrive but does not expect to be happy But the man that appears brings many surprises best of all the attraction she feelsSir Aiden MacConnell a knight Templar poses as his friend Broccin who hasnfortunately died to gain access to her castle He is her enemy and determined to obtain information for Robert the Bruce and take over the castle before oth This is book 3 of the Forbidden series by Diana Cosby featuring Aiden one of the disbanded Knights of Templar who is still on a mission of serving his liege and Scotland no matter the price or conseuences He ll see Robert the Bruce reunite all of Scotland even if it means giving his own life in the processGwendolyn becomes an nexpected casualty of this conflict when deceit becomes the only ploy to obtain reconnaissance information vital to Robert the Bruce s missionWith back and forth from being stand offish to pulling each other close these two destined to be together lovebirds are tested time and time again as enemies close in and as they struggle with their own internal conflict towards one anotherGwen certainly had the right to be furious over Aiden s deception In his defense he felt he had no choice and had hoped to be in and out before anyone knew what was p However it was still disheartening to know he knew Gwen would be left grieving in one form or anotherThis author has proven once again she knows this era Immersing readers with authentic details and a believable cast of characters she tends to always keep me fully engaged Captivated by the Millionaire until the very end Here s to hoping you ll feel the sameTitle Forbidden Vow Series Forbidden Book 3 Author Diana Cosby Pages NL stand alone but part of a series on opposing sides romance deceit turns to love some violence strong feisty heroine comes to his senses hero no love triangle no cheating no OWOM dramaMy reviewsBook 1 Forbidden LegacyhttpswwwgoodreadscomreviewshowBook 2 Forbidden KnighthttpswwwgoodreadscomreviewshowBook 3 Forbidden VowI voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book via NetGalley All thoughts and opinions are my own I was not given any payment or compensation for this review nor is there any affiliation or relationship between this reviewer and the authorpublisherNetGalley Set in the turbulent years while Robert the Bruce fought tonify all of Scotland A Mighty Big Wish under his rule this is a beautifully researched and well written Scottish romance Unlike many other authors Diana Cosby doesn t go overboard with the Scottish accent and the result is a smooth reading experience where I want constantly having to mentally translate the dialect as I readGwendolyn is a charmingly feisty heroine an excellent match for the former Knight Templar Aiden and though they get off to the rockiest possible start where he not only enters her castlender false pretenses but then marries her in another man s name nothing feels too contrived for the sake of plot Every action taken is what follows logically from what went before with no suspension of disbelief reuiredThough I found a few minor typos this was an ARC and they may well have been corrected in the final version for publication I Dazzled by such a callous man Little does she know Bróccín is dead The man Gwendolyn believes to be her intended is actually Sir Aiden MacConnell a member of the Knights Templar and her enemy masuerading as the earl to gain access to the castle His soul is dedicated to God and war; he has no time for luxuries of the flesh But Gwendolyn’s intoxicating beauty.

Forbidden Vow by Diana CosbyForbidden 3I really enjoyed this book Why I think it was a believable historical romance than some and I really liked the characters Aiden MacConnell takes on the guise of a fallen enemy warrior so that he and his two companions can easily scout out a castle for Robert the Bruce He knew he would be pretending to be another man betrothed to the woman in charge of the castle but the surprise and rather immediate marriage that ensued did throw him a bit As a man of honor he managed to maintain propriety butjust barelyand he is definitely attracted to her Gwendolyn Murphy is no shrinking virginal violet Nope she is adept at many things and handy with weapons of war She wants what is best for those that serve her and ready if not eager to marry again Aiden is not what she expected and as she gets to know him she begins to like then love him This story has a slow growing love a fight some running for their lives fighting and two marriages before the hero and heroine finally get their HEA The main male characters appear to be Knights Templar who were not killed in France but instead made it away to protect the treasures of the Templars I am not sure how many books there are in this series but look forward to reading the next one 4 5 Stars I really enjoyed this story I think the author captured the chivalry and honor a Templar would possess and placed him in a very tempting situationAiden watches as a friend from his youth dies and promises to deliver his missive to Gwendolyn of Latharn Castle But he decides to take his friend s identity since she had never met her betrothed to obtain information on the castle for Robert the Bruce They must take over Latharn Castle before Comyn s men arrive to do the same The strategic location of this castle was important to the Bruce and the future of ScotlandThere were many surprises along their journey to their HEA and just when you think things have calmed another stumble crosses their path I love stories of witty strong fierce women and Gwendolyn fits that bill Aiden immediately won my heart and proved over and over again that his word was his honorMy favorite line in the book wasYou canna kiss me like that and then stop Gwendolyn speakingI can and I did he grunted At least we will both suffer this nightI was given an ARC for an honest review I would rate this book 48 stars and recommend it What will you sacrifice for a future filled with loveLady Gwendolyn Murphy of Latham Castle has had to fight for every ounce of freedom she has gained since the death of her father and husband From her father she inherited his estate and the ability to care for herself her tenants and all perils of living in worn torn Scotland With this independence gained Gwendolyn does not wish to marry again but she must as the writ of the nion and her future husband have been decreed and are on their way What Gwendolyn does not know is that her intended died in battle and another man Sir Aiden MacConnell is going to se the decree to gain access to her castle and gain knowledge for his liege Robert the Bruce against their enemy Aiden never means any harm to Gwendolyn so when he finds himself married to her that was never the plan nor was having to face the truth but both are staring at him now Aiden is a loyal and dedicated fighter for the way of life he loves in Scotland and when instructed he has always been a good soldier but is what he is doing now than should be expectedAs if the marriage is not complication enough the English have come ashore and taken over Gwendolyn s stronghold and she with Aiden must escape and get away to safer territory all the while Gwendolyn never knows that Aiden is neither her intended husband nor that he is loyal to The Bruce and has sworn himself to a higher order with the Knights Templar The Knights Templar has always served the greater good with chastity and dedication to restoring Scotland and its rightful King on the throne Right now the only thought Aiden has are about Gwendolyn s safety and the trip they take through the enemy territory has them taking than one dangerous plunge into waters they know are The Italians Stolen Bride unchartered Gwendolyn is strong and a woman that speaks her mind and when she finds she has been deceived by Aiden her only thought is how many ways she could hurt him with her prized dagger However yet anothernion has been decided and Gwendolyn must once again marry Aiden but at least this time with his real identify Regardless of her feelings toward him it is the only way to restore her home back to her and help to rebuild what she treasures Aiden has promised a separate life if that is what she wants but while hurt and distraught Gwendolyn is not sure that is what she desires and fears the deep feelings she has for Aiden may be real and not wishful thinkingWith a plan in place to retake her castle and Aiden having been restored to his rightful title the two of them learn to ease the pain and chip away at the fortress they have built between them Gwendolyn will ride with Aiden and his soldiers to force the English from her home and restore the long lost treasures to their rightful owner As Aiden tells her of his childhood and the torment he has suffered at the hands of those less than kind Gwendolyn and her anger seem to melt away and when she. In battle torn Scotland a castle’s mistress awaits her groom a warrior she has never met Lady Gwendolyn Murphy’s fiancé has finally arrived at Latharn Castle but she expects no joy in their introduction Gwendolyn is well aware of Bróccín MacRaith’s cold reputation Yet from first glance she is drawn to the intimidating stranger Impossible How could she be.

EBOOK DOWNLOAD (Forbidden Vow Forbidden #3) µ Diana Cosby

review Forbidden Vow Forbidden #3

Highly recommend this one to anyone who likes their Highland romances well backed The Greek Tycoons Mistress up with good research and excellent writing Five starsDisclaimer I received a copy of this book for review through NetGalley Sir Aiden MacConnell former Templar Knight and loyal warrior to King Robert is sent to take Latharn Castle from Lord Comyn s control On the way to the castle he finds Broccin Macraith Earl of Balfour dying from battle wounds Broccin remembers Aiden from his youth and asks him to take a missive to his betrothed at Latharn Castle The missive is a Godsend to Aiden it will gain him entry to the castle He will assume Broccin s identity learn the secrets of the castle and when he leaves he will send a message saying Broccin died in battleLady Gwendolyn Murphy is not happy she does not want to marry again She married years ago to strengthen alliances for her father but when she was widowed her father assured her she would be able to live her own life But with his death Lord Comyn has taken guardianship of her and is insisting she marry the Earl of Balfour a man with a reputation of coldness and ruthlessnessAiden and Gwendolyn meet when her prized mare is struggling to birth her foal Aiden steps in and saves both the mare and the foal Gwendolyn is gratefulntil she learns who he is She bristles at his commands and informs him in no Tikki Tikki Tembo uncertain terms thatntil they marry Latharn is HER castle and she does not answer to himAiden is attracted to Gwendolyn but he is on a mission he must gain her trust to learn the secrets of the castle for King Robert He plans to stay for only a few days and then he will ask the king to make sure Gwendolyn is taken care of But when a missive from Rome arrives calling the priest back to the Vatican all his plans are destroyed Lord Comyn was adamant that their wedding take place within a fortnight AND by the priest With no other priest available Aiden must marry Gwendolyn He is not happy but he will make it work he will get the information he needs and then send a missive that he diedGwendolyn is confused this warrior is not what she expected and when he refuses to consummate the marriage but feigns proof of her innocence she begins to admire him Before he shows the proof to her retainers she tells him the truth she was married before As they are disposing of the evidence they see a fleet of English ships dropping anchor It seems that Comyn has joined forces with the English to fight King RobertAiden needs to get this information to the king and sends Sir Ronan and Sir Cailin out with the news But when the Duke of Northbyrn double crosses Comyn Aiden and Gwendolyn must run for their livesAiden still hasn t told Gwendolyn who he is and when things between them become heated he tries to put her off he will not dishonor her He will take her to the king and ask him to she her settled When Aiden is injured and Gwendolyn learns the truth she is beyond livid And when she meets with the king she gets several shocks she is angry with herself for falling for Aiden When the king offers to restore her as mistress of Latharn she agrees to swear fealty to him Then he makes another demand she will marry Aiden again immediatelyAiden tries to make things right with Gwendolyn he promises to restore her castle to her and leave Gwendolyn agrees to his terms but isn t sure that is what she really wants Yes she is angry with him for deceiving her but she also admires him But after learning the truth of who he is and what he was she won t press him to stay with herIt seems like these two are destined to part but when Sir Cailin intervenes and a near death experience forces Aiden to examine his heart a HEA might just be possibleThis is a well written fast paced novel with lots of action secrets and betrayal The chemistry between Aiden and Gwendolyn is apparent but the love scenes are mild and few and far between I enjoyed the book but a couple of things seemed off first Aiden is a Templar Knight and has been since he was little than a boy but he seems very knowledgeable about intimate relations and second the cover of this book is decidedly not medieval normally I don t really care about the covers but if someone was to look at this cover there is no way they would know this book was a medieval the gown the lovely model is wearing makes the book appear to be a regency era storyI did enjoy this story and would recommend it it is the third book in the series but it could be read as a stand alone title with no problemI am voluntarily leaving a review for an eARC that was provided to me by NetGalley and the publisher Forbidden Vow by Diana Cosby is the first book I have read by the author I really enjoyed it and look forward to reading of her work Definitely an epic worthy novel I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book All thoughts and opinions are my own In 1308 Scotland a landless former Templar knight on a mission to find a covert way to access Latharn Castle encounters a dying man on his way to his betrothed Lady Gwendolyn Murray of the same castle He assumes the other man s identity and soon finds himself wed to Lady Gwen Within days they find themselves on the run from the English and their growing attraction Each hides secrets they would protect with their lives A delightful readMuddy Rose Review. Intellect and fortitude lures him to want the forbidden With the wedding date ickly approaching and the future of Scotland at stake Aiden gathers critical intelligence and steels himself for his departure vowing to avoid an illicit liaison But a twist of fate forces him to choose move forward with a life built on a lie or risk everything for the heart of one wom.

A retired Navy Chief Diana Cosby is an international bestselling author of Scottish medieval romantic suspense Books in her award winning MacGruder Brothers series are translated in five languages Diana has spoken at the Library of Congress Lady Jane’s Salon in NYC and appeared in Woman’s Day on USA Today’s romance blog “Happy Ever After” MSNcom Atlantic County Women Magazine and Texom

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