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Ly deserves all the praise Louise is a brilliant writer and I m glad that I have been lucky nough to read all her works Parisian Night is absolutely stunningJake is a walk wet dream He s not just rich but smart and witty He s a talented photographer but just does that for fun There is so much to him but he only shows that to a select fewHaven is very prim and proper at work so much so that no really cares for her Like Jake she only had two people that know the real Haven Although she wants to be liked by those she works with she just doesn t really know what to do to befriend themJake sees something in Haven that most don t and now that she s on his radar he ll stop at nothing to have her The he learns about her the he wants to know She is definitely not a one time and leave Shadow Scale (Seraphina, em kind of girlThe passion Jake and Haven having is just what the other needs Their relationship started out unconventionally but through it all they are fighters They fight for what they believe in for those they care about and forach other I loved this book so much Louise brings us a story that has depth love and friendship At the heart of the story is true love and what you will do to keep it The passion it takes to make a relationship ndure is relentless Although this story nds you know that Jake and Haven will make it they have their happily ver after I would recommend this series to anyone looking for something deliciously stimulating and sensually provocative image rror This is the first time I am reading this author and I really In the Shadow of the Crown (Queens of England, enjoyed it I m a little confused on if this is a series or it was a series and now she combined them I m not sure but it did notnd on a cliff hanger It was completed in my opinionYou get to meet Haven and Jake in this book that is set in the UK They are working on a project for work and you are able to go on their journey of trying to find love There are Lots of ups and downs for this couple so you need to read it to find out if they get a happily Bark ever after If younjoy work place romance or contemporary romance with a little bit of drama this will be a book you will On Such a Full Sea enjoy I really didnjoy this book and all the characters The main characters and the secondary ones were really Hello, Hippo! Goodbye, Bird! easy to fall in love with 4 stars 4 Stars Parisian Nights previously titled What The Lightning Sees 1 3 is a beautiful andngaging Cannibal enemies to lovers story with a balanced mix of funny interactions angst and sexy moments Haven Daniels focus is on her career asditor of the UK s premier woman s magazine She is not pleased when she is paired with photographer Jake Harrison for a celebrity interview Jake is Mastered (The Enforcers, everything she despises or so she thinks She sees him as a spoiledntitled rich guy who got the job thanks to his connections I loved that she was wrong so wrong Jake is anything but a dilettante A successful self made business owner he made his money thanks to the sale of This was my first book by Louise Bay and while it didn t make me have crazy feels or anything it was still good Jake and Haven are co workers who are thrown together to complete a large project The author takes you on their journey to find love There are ups and downs in the book in their relationships with Man, Son of Man each other and the secondary characters You get some drama some love andven a little bit of BDSM The characters are well written and Alter Ego easy to fall in love with They are opposites in a lot of aspects but the author did a great job at making those harsh contrasts complimentach other The book is fairly predictable which is unfortunate bc there were lots of place where different things COULD have happened but didn t I m still giving this book 4 stars bc while I had issues with the predictability of it it was still fairly well written and interesting to a point This book just isn t necessarily my cup of tea Reviewed by Kaci. Ps across my skin and I was hoping for Paris does funny things to a girl and he might have gotten me nakedBut Paris couldn’t last foreverParisian Nights is a hot stand alone romancePreviously titled What the Lightning Sees The Complete Seri.

Great story loved the characters I can t wait to read their stories PART 1What the lightning seesisHaven and JakeJake and HavenThe minute I found out about this new series by Louise Bay I got xcited I got xtremely Uncommon Wisdom excited because I knew this would bepic The Empire State Trilogy was absolutely amazing so this new series from Louise had to be amazing as well And judging by the first book I was rightAnd I love it when I am rightLet s start with the charactersHaven is such a fun character I loved reading about her loved reading about her reactions and her way of thinking And needless to say that I absolutely adored the things that kept stumbling from her mouthJake is the good guy that has it all The guy you want to date the guy you want to be friends with the guy Unseen City every other guy wants to be And he can handle the crazy that s for sureI loved reading about them meetingach other about them getting closer to Art each othertc I simply loved reading about themI should say that Louise could have omitted the last paragraph of Jake s POV in this book because it would become interesting that way But God Is in the Crowd even in that case Jake is such a good guy that no one would believe he was a jerk to Haven Anyway it could have become interestingWhat the Lightning Sees Part 1 is an great beginning to anxciting new series that will keep us Attracting Songbirds to Your Backyard entertained mesmerized and interested to thendThe story is refreshing and original and it seems like something completely different from any other book Louise Bay has created and developed another beautiful story that will keep us on our toes not wanting the story to The Matriarchs (The Family endI guarantee you that you will LOVE this and that you won t be able to take it out of your minds You will look forward to the seuel and the seuel after thatThis is a story you DO NOT WANT TO MISSLouise Bay did it again And I am so freakingxcited that I were part of this tourWhat the Lightning Sees Part 1 receives 5 Amazing Stars because it simply couldn t any betterPART 2Another amazing seuel by the talented Louise BayI am telling you She is the ueen of SerialsOne word that could fully describe this part is fulfillingWe saw Notes for the Everlost emotion tears laughter incredibly almost ridiculous situations immense heat and fearIt s so short yet so complete We travel along with it following the characters and their lives just like we would in a TV show It looked and felt real and tangibleNot to mention it isxtremely unpredictable You won t see anything happen It will keep you locked on your seatsHaven grew in this part She found her strength her beauty inner and outer She found herself in this volume and I was so happy to see it happeningOne of the many things I loved about his one is that help came from somewhere unexpected from an When I Moan (Vassi and Seri 1: Russian Stepbrother Romance) external factor that you never predicted It was help that Haven needed but hadn t realized it yetBecause sometimes we need a fairy Godmother to show us the wayBecause sometimes we need a handsome and caring man to love and support usAnd unfortunately sometimes luck is not with us not 100% That was something Jake learnt the hard way in thendI ve got to tell you that the No Biggy! ending had me gasping Oh no This can t be happening and Oh something tells me he will act like a jerk Can t really blame him but I do some jerk ish behaviour What the Lightning Sees is a series you must read It s freshntertaining sexy and sweet at the same time invigorating and fascinatingLouise Bay can do no wrongWhat the Lightning Sees Part 2 receives 5 Amazing StarsPART 3What an amazing Crush It! end to a truly beautiful storyI have said it before and I don t know how many times I will continue to say it Louise Bay is the ueen of serialsWriting serial isn tasy You have to know the right moment when you must press Pause to your story the right pace and flow your story must maintain and a different million little things that must be don. The moment I laid yes on the new photographer at work I had his number Cocky arrogant and super wealthy women were ating out of his hand as soon as his tight ass crossed the threshold of our officeWhen we were forced to go to Paris together.

E right If one thing goes down Deep Listening everything follows Each part ought to be intriguingnough for the reader to want to continue to the next part It s an intricate balance that the author should keep in order to have a successful and well written serial And Louise Bay does it so Bird-by-Bird Gardening effortlessly like it is theasiest thing to do in the world Like she is meant to do just thisSo I recommend her work without a single doubt in my mind The Empire State Trilogy was The Works of Saint Augustine eually amazing and I adore it If you like serials then Louise Bay is your girlNow about What the Lightning Sees Part 3First of all I d like to say that I loved Part 1 and 2 They were beautifully written with anlegant and natural flow and great characters But Part 3 That was mesmerizing I adored Unbuttoning the CEO (The Suits Undone every single page of it Iven started to read slower than I usually do because I wanted to savor it I didn t want it to come to an My Teacher Is a Robot end but at the same time I wanted the happilyver after for these two characters whom I ve come to love and hold in my heartIt was a truly beautiful story that I loved and will always cherish thanks to Part 3 It took the whole serial to another levelI loved the fact that we saw the two characters dwell with themselves trying to solve their problems on their own and together at the same time They had their own worries and concerns they were as independent as they were dependent on Supper Club each other It was a remarkable thing to seeI also loved the fact that Haven grew and thrived in this last part She came to know herself much better and deeper She discovered herself under a new light thanks to her Yes Jake gave her the push she needed in the first and second part But it was her strength her character who took the reins and did what was necessary for her to be happy She loved Jake but she also learnt to love herself in the process and it was a marvelous sightSo What the Lightning Sees Part 3 receives INFINITE STARS because I simply adored itWhich meansthat the Lightning Series has received 5 Star reviews forach partAnd that meansHurry Up Buy this serial Hey remember what I said about formulaic romances in my review of Not You It s Me This is yet another seemingly popular romance that follows the format The diff between that book and this one is wishy washy characters Additionally the added Moanas New Friend (Disney Moana) elements of the awkward BDSM scenes seemed forced and unnecessary and way out of character for the hero Jake I feel like ranting for a second I liked the FSOG series when it hit the scene 4 or so years ago I didn t love it but I will admit I liked it Why It certainly wasn t for the BDSM theme that ran through it It was for its psychological aspect The reasons behind Christian s need to punish and dominate fascinated me However the ultimate changes to his character fostered by his love for Ana were truly the core of the storyNow we have so many copycat romances hitting the mainstream getting lapped up by the masses as 5 star reads A large percentage try to capitalize on the rich boyunknowingly beautiful girl aspect and it s become cliche Some of those feel the need to add in an attempt at BDSM as in this case with the tying up for the freedom it brings to the uptight heroine For the love of all things holy stop with the now cliched formulas Authors can have the mechanics down but without a different storyline the familiarity just makes the book boring I m convinced this author writes well My only gripe is with the storyline itself You had me at Paris This is not like the authors first serial The writing is incomplete feeling and a bit immature for late 20 something s No laughsither I found the story predictable and boring The dialogue much the same I ll probably give the author another try at some point because I really njoyed her previous serial What can I say about Louise Bay that hasn t be said before And the best part she real. For an assignment I wasn’t interested in his seductive smile his sexy accent or his dirty laugh I wasn’t falling for his charmsUntil I didUntil ParisUntil he was kissing me and I was wondering how it happened Until he was dragging his li.

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EBOOK NEW Parisian Nights Nights #1; Lightning #1 3

USA Today bestselling author Louise Bay writes sexy contemporary romance novels the kind she likes to read Her next release will be Mr Knightsbridge on July 7thRuined by bonk busters and sexy mini series of the eighties Louise loves all things sexy and romantic There's not enough of it in real life so she disappears into the fictional worlds in books and filmsLouise loves the rain the We