(KINDLE) [Tufty by Michael Foreman] by Michael Foreman

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L and up for subject A little duck gets separated from his flock while flying south and spends the winter living n a tree with a homeless man who shares everything with him Great opportunity for talk about about sharing and other subjects I see that this book got bad reviews here but I thought t was lovely It felt like a classic picture book such as Make Way For Ducklings but simpler and shorter It s a story about getting lost and finding one s way openness and discovery The author shows readers two very different homes a palace Sweet Liberty inhabited by royals and a hollow chestnut treenhabited by a homeless man as eual sources of kindness friendship comfort and belonging for Tuft. Little duck as he finds a new home n an unexpected place n a new book from acclaimed children’s author Michael Forema.

(KINDLE) Tufty by Michael Foreman by Michael Foreman

I loved this little story and the Night of the Living Dead Christian illustrations too I like thellustrations strangely enough but the story just did not do The New World Order it for me It was longer for a picture book whichs fine except that King Solomons Carpet it left me all Tufty can t keep up when his duck family flies south for the winter He ends up on a smallsland Halflings (Halflings, in the middle of traffic and makes friends with a homeless man The man shares his food and hollow tree with Tufty The next spring Tuftys reunited with his duck family and leaves the man He meets a beautiful brown duck and the eventually returns to the The Big Snuggle-Up islandn the middle of the traffic to live with the man Too Close for Comfort (Jo Birmingham in the hollow tree and his beautiful brown duck The plot was co. Tufty the duckling lives with his family on ansland n the middle of a lake But when the ducks fly south for the winter.

Mpletely random and the ending was rushed and made no sense I just don t get t From the book jacket When the ducks fly south for the winter Tufty gets left behind Join this brave little duck as he finds a new friend and a new home The Dark Lord Trilogy (Star Wars: The Dark Lord Trilogy, in the most unlikely place Michael Foremans a British author Speech-making and Presentation Made Easy illustrator and has received the Kate Greenaway Medal twice The watercolorllustrations here are very nice Lovely ending huh A bit here n there weren t Happiness the Mindful Way it I wonderf that ever happens n real life Could a duck survive the winter and rejoin the flock the following spring I had a lot of mixed emotions reading this book so be prepared for uestions Good uestions but uestions Preschoo. Tufty gets left behind Lost and alone Tufty doesn’t know what to do until he finds an unlikely new friendJoin this brave.

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Michael has worked on magazines book jackets animated films TV adverts and even for the police sketching criminals described by witnesses As well as illustrating many of his own books Michael has illustrated over a hundred books for authors such as Shakespeare J M Barrie the Brothers Grimm Charles Dickens and Oscar Wilde Michael has travelled widely to Africa Japan the Arctic Circ