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G at Do You Want to Build a Snowman because I am not the heartless wench I pretend to be and I literally did not stop crying ntil the end Constant crying Even during that Fixer The Year of Living Biblically upper song When I read House Arrest for the first time I started crying at page 3 and literally did not stop cryingntil the endAnd that is where the similarities end Because Frozen is great and all but it is no House Arrest Timothy may be on house arrest for stealing a wallet but he stole my heart on page one in this achingly lovely verse novel about the love and devotion of a brother Beautiful story and wonderfully written This is a touching and loving story of a young boy and the people involved in his life Its very sweet and worth reading I highly recommend to all my friends House arrest is really heartfelt and a deep book I gave it only 3 stars because I didn t enjoy the ending In my opinion the ending looked nfinished However the rest of the book was really good HOUSE ARREST by KA Holt honestly took me by surprise I got the arc at TLA and thought I d pick it p last night while waiting for dinner to cook I didn t know that it would capture me entirely that dinner would be a blur what did I even make and that I would not go to sleep ntil the final line The story told in verse is about a 12 year old named Timothy who has gotten himself into some trouble with the law Not because he s a bad kid but because he is desperate Tim s life is such a mess that as a reader your heart can t help but break for him I found myself routing for Tim Timothy T Man don t call him T Man in every stanza and turning pages to find out how all his problems would resolve from a sick baby brother to an exhausted mother to the constant threat of juvie to an absent dad to a touching crush on the girl down the street to name a few Holt does a spot on job of wrapping p all the storylines in satisfying yet realistic waysHolt has found her true calling writing in verse Some verses just blew me away they were so lyrical and evocative and left me reaching for Kleenex At other times I was cracking For the Love of All Thats Holy, Dont Buy a Boat When Venus is in Retrograde up Some. Ht Levi’s medicineBut someone did noticeNow I have to prove I’m not a delinuent I’m not a total boneheadThat oneick second turned intojuviea judgea year of house arresta year of this co.

This book was a little slow for me I didn t feel there was enough action to keep me going I am glad I made it through though because I think this book had a meaningful lesson about life It teaches you that everyone almost always does something for a reason and that you shouldn t assume someone s character based on their mistakes I would say this is a fairly ick read if you re motivated enough to want to finish it This book is poetry also I enjoyed this book a lot This book is in a format of a journal It s about a younger brother and an older brother Levi younger brother is very sick and his mom is a single mom that is struggling money wise So levis older brother took actions into his own hands and stole medicine to make Levi better He felt relieved but a few hours after the police came and took him He then was sentenced to 1 year in juvie and had to write in a journal while he was serving his time Then his mom could not afford the girl how takes care of Levi Things get rough for everyone in the house He finds a doctor who might be able to help Levi but never replies Things get better though they raise money for Levi to help him get better Then Levis older brother does something to help Levi from not dying and gets into trouble I like reading about familyI like reading about a kid who despite hisher age fights tooth and nail for hisher familyI like reading about the good people who helped that kid on their own wayThat kind of stories might left me in tears sometimes but also gave me warm feeling insideTimothy is twelve and he steal a credit card to buy medicines for his sick baby brotherThe court ordered him to write Jona s rating 5Made me so sad I didn t think I wanted to read any but I was drawn to it I am glad I finished it it was a great reminder that every single student has a burdensome like Timothy have far on their plates than they can handle As a human my heart especially ached for Kevin and Levi s mom which is also a great reminder that all humans carry burdens as well Joslyn s rating 3 So when I saw Frozen for the first time I started cryin. Stealing is badYeahI knowBut my brother Levi is always so sick and his medicine is always so expensiveI didn’t think anyone would noticeif I took that credit cardif in one stolen secondI boug.

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Times I was doing both at the same time More than anything this book is a true lesson in empathy and I am excited for kids to read it But its not just for middle grade readers When I finished I told my 16 year old to read it and I would recommend it to any reader of any age I predict this story will be much beloved in classrooms and beyond The only negative is that it doesn t come out ntil October and I wish everyone could read it now It s that good This book caught me by surprise in the BEST way I started House Arrest thinking i d just read a few pages before bed Hours later after turning the last page I found myself with tears streaming down my face sad that the book was done Timothy is a 12 year old boy put The Penguin Atlas of Endangered Species under house arrest for stealing a wallet Those are the facts and you might be thinking a book about a juvenile delinuent how good can this be That s what I was thinking anyway then you start to read It goes byickly because the writing is done in a simple journal format and some entries are just a few sentences It took me about 2 hours to read the book Once you get drawn in it s pretty instantaneous you simply start to like Timothy You see there is so much going on in his life a sick baby brother a dad who abandoned the family when things got hard and a mom who is really struggling to keep it all together Timothy didn t just steal a wallet because he is a delinuent he was trying to help his family As Timothy writes in his court mandated journal that s basically the book s format it s his journal we get an inside peek at what is going on with his family the people around him I thoroughly enjoyed the supporting characters in this book and of course how he feels about everything over the course of the year that the entries take place What a year it is for Timothy the entries had me feeling a roller coaster of emotions I found myself sad frustrated angry but then I d catch myself smiling feeling hopeful and happy I don t want to give spoilers this book should be enjoyed as it The Bartender unfolds allow yourself to experience the whirl of emotions and enjoy them al. Urt ordered journala year to avoid messingpand being sent back to juvieso fast my head will spinIt’s only 1 yearOnly 52 weeksOnly 365 daysOnly 8760 hoursOnly 525600 minutesWhat could go wro.