[Mission Delivery Ex Ops #25] PDF/EBOOK

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W I wasn t like that when I was in severe labor I ve never heard of anyone I know act that crazy stupid It could happen I suppose but to me it sounds ridiculous when I read about it2 The nurse and her exorcism comments or her private part comment Really I find those moments highly unbelievable Very sweet novellaI like getting the etails of the Belle giving birth and everything surrounding it Teagan is such a mystery Jaxon is becoming interesting to me too I finished this book I read this after read the first one to see what happen as he was gone on a mission only to be finishing up on said mission to receive word that he was about to become a father He was hoping that he could make it back in time to see his child born and he Silent Confessions did In the end they all were very happy I enjoyed reading this book I will keep reading this series a short sweet read but itidn t have a lot to add to the series gave a bit A Texas Holiday Miracle depth to Bobby and Belle s story and set up some of theetails for later stories enjoyed it of course. Missing out on itOr will heBelle unexpectedly goes into labor a month early while Bobby is coming off a mission half a world away Will he be able to make it home in time for the birth of his second childOr will he miss this elivery tooWarning Mature them.

Mission Delivery Ex Ops #25 PDF/EBOOK

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45 starI was pulled right into this short story The story has laughs love and crazy times If you have not read the below I would recommend reading those bookss firstSecret Maneuvers Ex Ops 1Stripping Her Defenses Ex Ops 2This is of Belle and Bobby s story Bobby is etermined to be at the birth of his second child He missed the first one and no one will keep him from this one Belle is super funny The Note during the birth and Bobby takes it like a champ You know right away he will be a greatadI loved these characters and also the side characters I felt I was able to connect with the characters and the story was a great read I highly recommend this book and can t wait for the next story from this author Great little short storyBobby is on the final mission to save the sex slave women when a coded phone call lets him know Belle has gone into early labourFun times with Belle being very inventive with her curses But very sweet when Willow makes her safe appearanceA few issues with side characters happen Novella. Previously published in the back of Ice Regulators MC #1 This is a short story that should be read after both Secret Maneuvers and Stripping Her Defenses in the Ex Ops SeriesBobby Baker is a man with new lease on lifeHe is engaged to his high school sweeth.

ConclusionNovella conclusion to a great storyline of Belle Roberts and Bobby Baker All the previous characters of Secret Maneuvers Ex ops 1 are present Super short so borrow it Very short and to the point viscous in the The Loving Gift delivery room This is a very short story to continue the book Secret Maneuvers Bobby Bake is out on a mission and just wrapping it up when he gets word that Belle has gone into Labor Bobby promised Belle that he would never miss this birth like he missed the first one of his son Lots of action trying to get there in time before the baby comes Great follow up Recommend This is a great follow up novella to the first two books in the series I have to admit Iid a lot of laughing with this one Something that The Wildcatter definitelyidn t happen with the series What I liked1 Humor2 Bobby Baker3 Jaxon Wall and the way he talks to his guysespecially Baker 4 Having all of the crew together5 Teagan and Baker s exchange of words in the hospitalWhat bothered me1 Belle being a nut job Bear Claw Lawman (Bear Claw Creek Crime Lab, duringelivery I kno. Eart and he is bonding with the fourteen year old son he wasn’t aware of a little less than a year agoBut there’s The love of his life is pregnant with their second child This time he’ll be there to witness the birth of one of his children instead of.