Rock Star (EBOOK)

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I thought this might be an entertaining but erudite discussion of stardom and celebrity It s written in a scholarly dry way obviously a class text book There was nothing entertaining about it at all When the author was saying that a celebrity is just famous for being famous and a star has to have shown accomplishment I thought that this just isn t oing to be inline with my thinking There are many Hollywood and rock stars who have accomplished only having a brilliant production and pr team behind them and who have no talent for anything at all witness their fast fading from the public eye when their face no longer fits Excuse me I forgot that a faded star then becomes a Z list celebrity to appear on some kind of reality show or opening a new local supermarket storeYawn to as to why Bill Clinton was a Rock Star but Ronald Reagan wasn t HIllary isn t either Trump might be depends on your definition Being a Rock Star is about celebrity not whether you like them or notThen there is the political influence of rock stars v celebrities This is ridiculous Have you ever heard Kim Kar. All stars are celebrities but not all celebrities are stars states David Shumway in the introduction to Rock Star an informal history of rock stardom This deceptively simple statement belies the complex definition and meaning of stardom and specifically of rock icons Shumway looks at the careers and cultural legacies of seven rock stars in the context of popular music and culture Elvis Presley James Brown Bob Dylan the Rolling Stones the Grateful Dead Joni Mitchell and Bruce Springsteen Granted there are many names that fall into the rock.

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Rock Star (EBOOK)

Groups as stars musicians who transcended a single medium and whether on their own volition or through the careful Rock Star by David Shumway is a 2014 John Hopkins University Press Publication I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher and Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review From the beginning of the book starting with the forward I could tell this was not the ordinary pop culture book It was in the beginning what amounted to a bunch of psychobabble about rock stars taking on the female sex symbol roles and marketing themselves as sexual objects While some of that marketing bit was probably true the rest of it was ridiculous and didn t really make a lot of sense to me However we finally moved past all that into the meat of the book You can t start off talking about rock stars without beginning with Elvis His impact was of enormous significance on how the public perceived musicians While Elvis didn t delve into politics he was the clay that molded the future for rock musicians to become so powerful that rock stars became the status everyone wanted to achieve. Plicitly political figures than were the stars of Hollywood's studio era Rock stars over are icons of change though not always progressive whose public personas read like texts produced collaboratively by the performers themselves their managers and record companies These stars thrive in a variety of media including recorded music concert performance dress staging cover art films television video print and othersFilled with memorable photographs Rock Star will appeal to anyone interested in modern American popular culture or music history.

Dashian interviewed Yet there she The Good and Beautiful God goes to the White House no doubt to have her plastic assets admired When Rock Stars mix in politics they take themselves too seriously Too many yes men have made them feel that they are important but the media will pay attention Not at their words but because the star power of say Bono or Sting will sell papers will attract your attention to the ads right next to the article Just like the very unmodel looking children of the famous like the top model Lily Rose Depp nearly 5 3 and the miserable looking 5 9 Brooklyn Beckham I thought even if this bookets to what it considers the meat and bones of it s thesis we aren t oing to agree Because at root if the papparazzi can sell pics of you for lots of money then what you say what you do how you look how you ot there isn t even relevant Your fame be it ephemeral or enduring is all that counts A discussion of whether Princess Diana was a Rock Star or a Celebrity is just irrelevantSo dnf d Also I didn t like the writing It was dry and frustrating to read Shumway identifies people and a couple of. Icon category and that might rightfully appear on this list Partly that is the point rock star is a familiar and desired category but also a contested oneShumway investigates the rock star as a particular kind of cultural construction different from mere celebrity After the olden age of moviemaking media exposure allowed rock stars political sway than Hollywood's studio stars and rock stars radually replaced movie stars as key cultural heroes Because of changes in American society and the media industries rock stars have become much ex.