(The Illustrated Guide To Threesome Sexual Positions) [PDF DOWNLOAD] ã C.W. Pollard

Esome male or female there are very easy to follow picture an. Wo women A woman will fantasize about what it is like to be with two men Both sexes fantasize about what it is like to be with a partner from each gender at the same time If you have had a threesome you probably had fun If you haven't you are most likely curious Either way whoever you are there is a good chance that a threesome is somewhere in your fantasy wishesThis book was designed for both people who.

This is a great book for anyone that is interested in a thre. First of all in the right situation threesomes can be a lot of fun There is an air of play that manifests itself in a threesome that does not necessarily appear when a couple is making love There is a lot of sexual exploration and sually a lot of laughing and giggling in a threesome Threesomes also have a way of capturing our imaginations and our fantasies as well A man will fantasize about being with

(The Illustrated Guide To Threesome Sexual Positions) PDF DOWNLOAD ã C.W. Pollard

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D instruction guides heplful info for each different position. Are new to threesomes and people who are experienced Inside you will find detailed information concerning many threesome sexual positions Some may be familiar however many may never have crossed your mind The author has compiled this work in the hopes that you can experience them all as you explore this tantalizing and seductive realm of human sexuality With this book you will certainly have fun doing