Always Abigail (EPUB)

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Always Abigail (EPUB)

This morning I found a note from my 8 year old daughter taped to this book and it said Dear Momma This was one of the best books I have ever eadI loved it too great book for 3rd 5th grade girls to 6 Verses That Can Change Your Life read about peer pressure bullying and figuring out who your true friends are Abigail iseady for sixth grade With her best friends Alli and Cami AlliCam by her side Abigail is going to make the Pom Suad The three of them will live the life of popularity poms happiness and flavor that they have been waiting for Everything is perfectly planned Nothing can go wrong Until Until Abigail is in a different homeroom AlliCam are together and they Lets Be Just Friends (Just Friends, re locker partners and theye in the same homeroom as Jackie and MacKenzie JM JM are only the two most popular girls in school It s bad enough that Abigail has to listen to homeroom gossip and inside jokes that make no sense whatsoever but AlliCam and JM have lunch together while Abigail is stuck in a different period This means while they e using the period to practice poms Abigail is stuck with someone else pretending to listen to a conversation that she doesn t care about All of a sudden things just got worse Abigail is stuck with the worst teacher and the Friendly Letter Assignment Doesn t it sound fun sending letters to an assigned partner And you will never guess who Abigail s partner is Gabby Only the school s biggest outcast Eeek Maybe sixth grade will be survivable you know with AlliCam JM and Abigail all being on poms together Until here we go again Abigail doesn t make the team She is the alternate They might have just said Sorry but there is no way that you will ever be popular now so ba bye hon There is no way sixth grade could get any worse As Abigail journeys through different kinds of friends and different kinds of fun she is starting to ealize that she is living two different lives One with AlliCam JM and Discover Abigail's triumphant story of friendship told through heart touching letters and listsAbigail and her two best friends are poised for a life of pom poms and popularity But not only does Abigail end up

Ip the boy who might just be Abigail s true love You know the life with poms a fake smile and laughing at things that aren t eally that funny And the other a life of Gabby who turns out to be than an outcast She might just be a friend Abigail is starting to wonder if JM are eally that great What about AlliCam The girls that were supposed to be sisters to Abigail Where were they when Abigail needed them With everything from boys to girls to poms to mascara even to phony friends Abigail travels through sixth grade opening her heart and her mind and as she moves along Always Abigail was the sweetest story told through lists of what sixth grade is like for Abigail She is happy and kind although she might mess up sometimes still learning the opes of middle school but also finding happiness in the oddest places During the book there were times where I was upset with certain people but also proud and happy for Abigail Always Abigail immensely eminded me of I loved both So ead Always Abigail you will not egret it Abigail is looking forward to the transition to middle school trying out for the Pom suad being popular having fun with her best friends But when she gets put in a different homeroom Abigail feels left out And then she doesn t make the suad And to make matters worse her LA teacher partners her with school outcast Gabby for a yearlong project This story would make a great ead aloud for a 4th or 5th grade teacher who is looking to talk about social structures and bullying in school The structure of the book it is told through lists would make it easy to break up into chunks as long or as short as needed And Abigail s struggle to balance what she knows is ight with what is better for her social life will feel eal to students and an opportunity to create a brave space for students to talk about the ealities of being a kid and trying to make a social. N a different homeroom she doesn't make the suad Then everyone's least favorite teacher pairs Abigail up with the school's biggest outcast Gabby Marco for a year long Friendly Letter Assignment Abigail can hardl.

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Space for yourself Best for grades 4 5 may be a little young for 6th but might work there as well Great for you if you like ealistic school or friendship stories Ten Things I Thought While Reading Always Abigail1 Many of Abigail s lists can be used in class to model list making when writing2 Abigail has a strong voice though not one I particularly like Which is sort of the point I think3 Many young girls will enjoy the drama and elatable social situations eflected in this book4 Lists don t offer much oom to develop characters so the Fab Five Abigail and Gabby don t have an opportunity to become fully ecognized by the eader5 Abigail has some interesting anger issues which I would love to see explored6 This is a great book for girls struggling to find something to keep them eading It s fast paced interesting and easy to connect with7 I don t see Gabby existing outside this book Her kindness and confidence make her a middle school superhero but I do think young eaders will love her8 While this book isn t my cup of tea it definitely has a place in the hands of 4th and 5th grade eaders9 Old Hawk and Abigail s brother are my favorite characters in the book10 I can easily think of several students ight now that will love Always Abigail Texas Bluebonnet book Always Abigail brought me back to my own sixth grade year A uick ead this book will surely esonate with middle graders Written in a list fashion Abigail embarks on a year of discovery Is pom pom club or eading club her destiny At first glance this seemingly light ead makes you think there is no substance behind the stylish cover Don t judge a book by its cover Always Abigail was a pleasant surprise I loved her teacher as it serves as a powerful eminder that educators have tremendous power in the lives of their students It s no wonder then that Nancy Cavanaugh is a former teacher and librarian. Y believe her bad luck As her so called best friends and entire future of popularity seems to be slipping away Abigail has to choose between the little bit of fame she has left or letting it go to be a true frie.

Nancy J Cavanaugh lives in the Chicago area with her husband her daughter and their adorable five pound Cockapoo One of Nancy's favorite pastimes is eating pizza She loves reading middle grade novels Her secret She hasn't read an adult book in years Nancy's newest novel WHEN I HIT THE ROAD is the story of Samantha's madcap road trip with a karaoke loving grandma and a wild summer of mem