(DOWNLOAD) [Time Stretching Out Towards Forever] AUTHOR Catherine Holloway

Words are things we se daily We The Reunion Mission \ Tall Dark Defender use thousands millions of them to communicate to entertain to harm and to sootheMs Holloway has her way with the written word She takes these consonants and vowels and puts them together to lift our soulsI ve watched Vampire Diaries It s not a show I have feelings for either way I m writing this because I want readers to know you don t need to know anything about the show to enjoy this inspired work You read through the letters and diary entries of three people whose lives were changed by one pivotal moment when a girl chose a boyTwo brothers loving the same girlhas happened in so many tragic loves stories It can t end well it never ends well but somehow it does end well in this story Because this is a story of love and sacrifice of longing for something that can never be fornderstanding the value of lifeThank Ms Holloway for giving Her Brooding Italian Surgeon us a small window into your talent with words Please don t stop Please gives in any fashion you wish I think the only explanation for Holloway s near supernatural ability to affect my emotions is that her words are imbued with visually absorbed mood altering medications Likely illegal onesOf course if. This story picks p at the end of Season Three but with one major difference Elena survives the car crash She flees Mystic Falls with Stefan and chooses to remain human Damon honors his promise to his brother.

The explanation is not drug related it might just be that Holloway really gets it That the single most important responsibility of an author is not to merely entertain but to find and explicate connections between people and events and themes and symbols To give s all a tiny peek at the hidden web of meaning between momentsThis story is very complex for its length because it manages to encapsulate the joys and sorrows regrets and triumphs of three lives and a whole host of beginnings and endings I admit that at first I wasn t particularly interested in the setup described by the description but once I read it I couldn t imagine having ever passed it over The author s grasp of the every hidden moment emotion and self deception of the characters is stunning and near supernatural in scopeThis is a story whose words will echo in your mind long after you ve forgotten there was ever a show about good looking vampire boys Speechless yet my review may contain an endless amount of words Let me preface this review by saying that I ve read at least a sample of each and every Vampire Diaries story published on Kindle Worlds There have been some gems which I ve purchased so I And allows them to live out her life without him She and Stefan share long happy decades together but there's something she always wanted to say Only after she's accumulated a lifetime of wisdom and experience.

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(DOWNLOAD) Time Stretching Out Towards Forever AUTHOR Catherine Holloway

An re read to my hearts content Most have been complete rubbish which have made me want to bang my head against the wall because seriously who allowed these stories to be published Two Steps Forward under anything resembling The Vampire DiariesThen we have Time Stretching Out Towards Forever by Catherine Holloway As I read this I honestly didn t know whether to laugh or cry shake the charactersntil they did what I wanted them to do or if I should just revel in the sea of words that Holloway had put together to tell the bravest Vampire Diaries story I ve ever readIt s a tough sell on any given day to propose that Elena live out not only a human life but one with Stefan rather than Damon But damn if Holloway doesn t just get it get that what lies at the core of The Vampire Diaries is a story of two brothers who at the end of the day love each other with every bit of who they are And if that wasn t enough she completely captures the voices of these characters as if they d been hers long before anyone else sI ll end this with a dare I dare anyone reading this review to read this story It s not all puppies and nicorns but it s real and true and the best story you ll read on Kindle Worlds. Can she summon the courage to explain why she made that choice so many years before There are three sides to this story of what a single lifespan means to the people who love each other too much to be selfish.

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