The Perfect Seduction Conueror #3 (KINDLE)

Man who died n child birth which we read about when Edric and Kathryn returned to his home Edric became a widower early Fading Echoes (Warriors: Omen of the Stars, in the book with a young son who only responded to Kathryn how convenient but thiss fiction what the heck So Kathryn was forced to stay childhood happy hours in Edric s home She knew she would not be able to return home because her abduction had marked her as tainted So she resigned to thedea that she must stay away from her family She wanted to go to a nunnery and asked Edric to allow her to go But one thing happened after another and boom they slept together and Edric now could not let her go because you know sex was so great This was a very uick and comfortable read Nothing original but was great for downtime I even didn t finish reading the book after a while I was so bored I couldn t go on There was nothing original on the story and the characters didn t stand out at all I know t s not fair writing about a book without even finishing reading t but there was nothing Publish and Perish interesting to keep me goin. He grudgingly allows hernto his broken life For Kathryn's capture has tainted her n the eyes of her people and she can never again return home Her future rests n the strong hands of her enemy champion and n a long cherished dream of a perfect seduction and a dangerous rapturous lo.

The Perfect Seduction Conueror #3 (KINDLE)

Hi EveryoneThis s the second Margo Maguire book I have read It has an Guide Through the Old Testament interesting historical time peroid late 10th century with three different converging cultures I found this time period verynteresting The romance between the hero and heroine The Best-Case Scenario Handbook is off balence for uite a while during the story she falls for him pretty uickly he appreciates her and lusts her but does not realize he loves her until much much latern the story At first I was frustrated with the with this plot thread and disliked the hero greatly but I understand the reason the author made him this way I loved the thread with the heroine Kate and the The Last Days of the Romanovs infant I won t say as I don t want to spoil the story for you I gavet a 3 star rating which The Fate of the Romanovs is technically an I likedt Some writers are not happy with threes but t s not a bad rating Give I loved this book year 1072 I liked Kathryn s story better than Isabel s The Bride Hunt Kathryn and Edric had better chemistry or LOSER it seemed so to me than Isabel and Anvrai Margo Maguire styles. To burn with passion to surrender to the power of a man's desire Kathryn de St Marie's years Home-Ec 101 in a French convent have taught her such things are forbidden Still the chaste Norman beauty dreams of a soul stirring love But cruel destinyntrudes when she s taken prisoner by Scot barbari.

Interesting It almost reads provincial somehow This s not a critiue at all I think Culture and Customs of Norway it worked very well for the time period Margo Maguire has chosen for this book England of William the Conueror 11th century Like the ScottishEnglish feud later on thissland Normans and Saxons hated each other Kathryn a Norman noblewoman and Edric a Saxon lord who had submitted to the Norman king William found themselves together during this period The Billionaires Secretive Enchantress (The Berutelli Escape, in history I have already said thisn the Bride Hunt the historic feeling Shake, Rattle and Roll is done very well Margo Maguire successfully took me backn time I think her secret s not polluting our characters with modern feminist deas Not that I think women had such a great life back then but I appreciate that Maguire s characters stay true to their time period They acted and talked like the medieval people that they were The story The Weavers Idea Book is simple Kathryn was abducted by the Scots Edric s brother saved her and Kathryn ended up residingn Edric s household Edric was married to another Norman wo. Ans though a kinder fate The Mission of Mooney Rooney intervenes when shes rescued by proud haunted Edric of Braxton Fell a bitter Saxon lord displaced by Norman ruleThough he despises the conuerors Edric can sense that Kathryn The Road to There is different gentle and giving yet possessing a fire that enflames Edricn turn and.

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As a nice sane break from the drama and fast pace of working as a registered nurse in an intensive care unit Margo Maguire returned to college to study history and fell in love Writing about the historical characters she encountered in her classes was a good way to unwind from a crazy day in the unit She soon started creating her own fictional characters and putting them into historical setti