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Clich take one typical baddy enemy of America China one American Bruce Willis alike hero rescuing a pretty tough of course American chick from the baddy Chinese who of course intends to take over the world because that s what it s all about these aysThe entire story is completely inplausible boring too rushed The Bosss Baby Surprise does not make sense either The idea of the elixir of immortality recipe being hidden in an ancient book that was found is good premisebut then said book being secreted halfway across the world to a not so hidden location isefinitely laughable The whole prologue already was utter rubbish the baddy Chinese men forces the old man s account numbers and manage to take away his whole fortune Bank accounts secret or not oes not work in such simple methods these ays Is this author stupid Who gave him a book Command Performance deal Other than bad memories of Afghanistan former Recon Marine Nicholas Carter thought he left combat behind when he joined an elite counter terrorism unit called the Project After all Washington isn t much like Kabul But when a two thousand year old book about the First Chinese Emperor and the secret of immortality goes missing he s right back in the thick of itWhen one loves thrillers as I Loveknot (Welcome to Tyler, do exciting prose is expected and welcome An added and rarebenefit is when a thriller not only excites but it educates White Jade is just such a thriller Alex Lukemanrawing on a facinating background has written a truly enjoyable thriller that also leaves the reader with much facinating information about various cultures both current and ancient This makes for a very rewarding reading experienceIn creating the character of former Recon Marine Nicholas Carter Mr Lukeman has managed to introduce a complex and engaging new figure in the world of thrillers and one is The Perfect Blend delighted to know that White Jade is the first in a planned series Carter is a character who is very accessible to the reader one who is so finelyrawn a personality that he virtually pops off the pages This is always the sign of a great writer and as this is Alex Lukeman s first book I feel comfortable in proclaiming that a major new talent in fiction has arrivedThe plot involves a Centuries old Chinese Book a ynamic and wiz at martial arts supporting character named Selena and Nicholas struggle to accept his past and embark on a complex adventure that will reuire all the skills he has learned as a warrior in Afganistan and they are plenty while ealing with the very human emotional toll his past battles have scarred him with The aim of those up against Carter and Selena is nothing less than the secret of immortalityand they are uite willing to kill for it The reader is transported from DC and California to the magical and hidden enclaves of Tibet and along with page turning thrills historical facts and Wanted (Sealed with a Kiss details are soeftly interweaved as to created of an amazing experience as opposed to simply reading a novel White Jade is 1 in Mr Lukeman s PROJECT Series and 2 will have a very hard act to follow but given Mr Lukeman s exceptional writing skills there is little Rayuan Sang Bos [Seduced By the Boss] doubt that lovers of well written and intelligent thrillers have little to worry aboutA JAMES MASON COMMUNITY BOOK CLUB MUST READRICK FRIEDMANFOUNDERTHE JAMES MASON COMMUNITY BOOK CLU. Cisco to Beijing from Washington to the hidden chambers of Tibet Someone isetermined to take over China and attack America and Nick and Selena are right in the line of fireInternational intrigue terrorist acts and the threat of nuclear war form the core of this fast paced thriller the first volume in a series featuring Nick Selena and the PROJE.

Summary White Jade

(PDF) White Jade

First book in a 14 book series The story line was ok but as it was the first book I felt it was setting up the pace for the next ones and introducing the characters I will continue on with the series as I enjoyed it Very good When is book 2 coming out I really enjoyed this book Alex Lukeman Bachelor to the Rescue (Home to Dover, developed these characters so well I feel like I knew them or at least I would cross the street to avoid them I really enjoyed this book and am looking forward to Book 2I won this book in a Goodreads giveaway As you can tell from my reading habits I have a pretty high tolerance for bad writing in certain genres But this one this is just unforgivable It s horribly written the plot is justevastatingly stupid and by the end I kind of wanted ALL the characters to Secrets At Maple Syrup Farm die in a fire Andying in a fire would be easy as they were all paper thinSave yourself Read the back of a cereal box The instructions on a pack of shoelaces The logo on a pencil over and over Anything is better than this First in this series A secret Chinese society called the White Jade are plotting to overthrow the government of the People s Republic of China from within and are also arranging a terrorist attack on the San Francisco Bay area as a Whispers Of The Heart diversion while simultaneously trying to trackown a mysterious elixir of immortality hidden in the mountains of Tibet They kill Selena Cross s uncle in the process which pulls her into the search for the ancient book that can help solve this uest for the elixir and introduces her to Nick Carter and the rest of the secret Project team a group who regularly and in an ever clandestine manner save the world from near annihilationThis is exciting and a strong start to this series Wonderful range of locations adventures and The Dukes Gamble dangerous obstacles to overcome Take every hackneyed cliche from every thriller type book movie video game throw them all together with short choppy simple sentences and middle school vocabulary and you have White Jade We have a rugged super agent a beautiful smart PhD a Navajo side kick a bunch of evil Chinese baddies who want to take over the world lots of car chases gun battles an ancient secret chamber with perfectly functioning boobie traps even though they are 4000 years old terrorist attacks and an impending nuclear holocaust There was absolutely no characterevelopment apparent and the plot was simple and predictable I m just happy that I Unmasking the Marquess (Hold Your Breath, didn t actually buy this book but I misappointed that I used this month s Prime loan on it I will say that it appeared to have been proof read something often lacking in these self published efforts It is an easy uick read if you are looking for some mindless entertainment I think this is a book that might be enjoyed by high school boys but I Let Go definitely won t be reading from this author This was a blast Covert ops Chinese bad guys and loads of action and fun Very engaging characters with a great storyline Well worth the read I had heard about Alex Lukeman s book White Jade prior to having his submission reuest come to the PRG Review Team I was alsoelighted to be challenged to o the story as a Dual Review To make it even appealing the next Dual Review was slated to have a Guest Dueler for a change of pace for your reading enjoyment So here I Librarian Note Alternate Cover Edition for B007FIR01M White Jade spins a web of eceit and murder across the globe against the backdrop of a Major Westhavens Unwilling Ward (Hh deadly international power gameFormer Recon Marine Nick Carter is a man with aark history of emotional and physical scars He works for the PROJECT a covert counter terrorism unit reporting to the President.

M writing this review and so is Andrew Valentine writer of Bitter Things as my Siskel to his Ebert or the other way aroundWhen I began White Jade I could see this was going to take me to places I loved Murder foreign intrigue FBI CIA plots and plenty of action Elizabeth Harker is in charge of a group called Project She works within the levels of the FBI and CIA and Homeland Security with technology at her hands to analyze threats to our country She is a woman who has a voice to the PresidentWilliam Connor was a very rich man who was tortured and killed his home ransacked and there was a transfer of 4 million Major Westhavens Unwilling Ward dollars from his accounts to accounts in China He was a personal friend of the President Project was asked to look into this Elizabeth Harker has contacted Nicholas Carter to come to her office He is recently back from Afghanistanealing with emotional issues from his last mission and the loss of his fianc which has changed his view on life Upon hearing of the way Connors was killed it became personal and Nick needed personal cause God and country wasn t working for him any Enter Dr Selena Connor attractive in her thirties PhD in oriental and ancient language niece to the eceased Harker tells her that they feel her Uncle was killed for a book he had acuired in Bhutan Selena reveals it is a copy of an ancient text about immortality She has no idea where it is but after further investigation on her Uncles laptop a letter to her tells them where the book is possibly hidden This is where our story unfolds Mr Lukeman has one a wonderful job of introducing the reader to all the players We are in San Francisco China and back switching scenery from one part of the globe to the other The intrigue the lust for power the thrill of the hunt all add to the beauty of the ruins I could see the fear in the tunnels I could taste and the miracle of finding artifacts untouched by man for centuries Yes it truly was Indiana Jones meets 007 The story was well How to Disappear described and points wellocumented I love a thriller where the good guys are so good and the bad guys are unredeemable The uest for POWER makes this story come to life and we always pray the good guys win I Act Like You Know do not want to add any to the story as Spoilers are a no no with my reviews So with the weather getting cooler if you had the idea of curling up with a good Mystery Thriller White Jade would be a good bet I might also add as I read this story ideas kept forming in my mind as to who would play the bad guys of course I had already picked who I envisioned to play Selena and Nick on the Big Screen Kate Hudson would be a good Selena and Alex O Louglin from Hawaii Five O would be a wonderful Nick How about Kathy Bates for Elizabeth Harker Hmmm anyone looking for a great screen play Mr Lukeman has graciously sent on to me the next book in this series called The Lance which I will put on my personal TBR pile and review for you at a laterateReview by Gloria LakritzSenior Reviewer and Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild I really got fooled by all the great reviews on this publication Imagine to my surprise when already from page 1 the language of writing was completely childlike and too fast so the story appears too isjointed The plot was also extremely. Selena Connor is a beautiful strong and skilled linguist When her wealthy uncle is murdered by someone looking for an ancient book about the elixir of immortality she's thrown into Nick's angerous worldNick is assigned to protect Selena and help her recover the missing text It's the beginning of a life and eath adventure reaching from San Fran.

I like Barbados rum oldfast motorcycles playing guitar and books by authors like Michael Connelly Robert Crais Alex Berenson Craig Johnson and Lee Child I write actionadventure thrillers WHITE JADE is the first in a series featuring the PROJECT a small elite counter terrorism unit There are currently 17 books in the serieshref