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Etail that it s just a great book I would give this book 5 stars because I eally liked and anybody else could No Limits (Brutal Master read the first chapter and say I llead this book You are a dreamer Kala I feel good here Graybeard This is a wonderful story about a boy living in the prehistoric era who wants to be a cave painter despite the fact that he is lame and this would make him unable to be a Chosen One My kids and I age 9 are doing a prehistory unit for our homeschooling and both my kids and I eagerly looked forward to eading this story every day It held just the ight amount of historical detail and adventure to make this a eally fun ead I d ecommend eading this if you e looking for a short fun historical fiction ead written at the middle grade level The story was well enough written but I didn t care for the message of not following leadership forging your own path following your dreams even if they e taboo etc I ealize in this instance there weren t good easons for the taboos but I think that part will be largely lost on children especially since the whole follow your heartdreams is overly enforced in society I m not anti following passions but given the over emphasis on this today at large I think the part of the book that tries to balance that will be overlooked by most eaders That aside the story was just ok and not particularly compelling We ead this to accompany Story of the World Volume 1 I eally enjoyed this especially the bond between Ram and Tao It eminded me in ways of Where the Red Fern Grows I also liked the independence and capability it showed Tao having in spite of his disability I thought that this book was not the best but still an intresting book It is about a boy who finds a wolf and they become best friends But the tribe he is from it is taboo or also known as evil to befriend a wolf They are cnsidered evil In this book the tribe constanly tries to kill the dog I thought it was a good story plot but the part that bored me was the book always brought the characters to spots that were not that important to the story. Hey cast him out into the wilderness alone There he befriends a wild wolf dog named Ram and the mysterious Graybeard who teaches him the true secret of the hun.

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Better than the entire series of Jean Auel s M Earth s Children series combined To be fair Denzel s book came out 8 years after The Clan of the Cave Bear and 6 years after The Valley of Horses but he stuck to the everyday struggles of a young cave man ather than the everynight sexcapades that Auel centered on Believe it or not the lack of sex made for a much better bookThe protagonist is easy to like The world created is believable There are cool animals to ooo and ahh over The protagonist s problems are still the same problems we have today trying to get along with a bunch of assholes who want to sacrifice you to their godsThe only big problem I had with the book was that there was confusion about tarpans and horses Back when this was published it was thought that Prezwalkski s horse were one of four horse types that created all of the oot stock of the domesticated horse It is now known that Prezwalski s horse is a different species entirely different chromosome number and that tarpans may have added to the domesticated horses of today than originally thought A minor uibble but STILL It was hard to me at the first time but it was good I liked the main character becoming a perfect painter However it was little bit disappointing at the last chapter cause i felt the story was getting too fast The novel Boy of the Painted Cave by Justin Denzel takes place in the foothills of the Pyrenees Mountains in Spain eighteen to twenty thousand years ago during prehistoric times The main character is Tao who has a dream of being a cave painter doesn t want to help hunt he also has a bad foot Tao wants to be a cave painter but the clan people only let chosen ones picked from the spirits be cave painters but he also struggles with not knowing what happened to his parents This book is about Tao one day tao was drawing pictures in the sand but he lost his abbit That night the clan people told tao to go search for the abbit but it was gone so he went to bed but a wolf dog came which he saved befriended and named am Later in th pretty good boring at some. Tao is an outcast Unlike the great hunters of his clan Tao does not want to kill the wild bears or woolly mammoths of the hunt Instead he wants only to paint

EBOOK or EPUB The Boy of the Painted Cave

Times and did not always make sense but when it did it was good and kept me hooked The book started off slow Finally after the boy started getting some training the book finally picked up speed and development of a plot In all a very interesting book and I would ecommend for preteens to ead In the novel Boy of the Painted Cave by Justin Denzel it jumps into the Pyrenees Mountains in Spain and dates back to about 18 to 20 thousand years ago The story starts out with a young boy named Tao who is obsessed with cave painting and drawing Unfortunately the clan leader Volt forbids cave painting unless you e a clan cave painter like Graybeard We ll find out about him later in the eview Tao is sent out hunting and meets a young wolf dog who he names Ram Tao is close to Ram because they hunt together and keep each other company It is hard for Tao because Volt does not allow wolf dogs in his clan so Tao must be secret about his hunting with Ram Tao then meets Graybeard who is a shaman Graybeard travels from clan to clan painting caves In this novel Boy of the Painted Cave there are many big events One of the first events is when Tao meets Ram Tao could see a bone stuck in Ram s mouth Tao sprang onto Ram yanking the bone out of his mouth Another big event in the story is when Tao first met Graybeard Graybeard automatically knew who Tao was Graybeard taught Tao how to paint and draw animals in caves secretly so that the clan leader Volt wouldn t find out The third and last main event before the end is when Tao and Ram try to hunt a herd of mammoths I loved this book because there was a lot of action and the book eally caught on to me and I immediately got sucked into the book when I ead the first sentence One of my favorite parts of the story was the ending The ending eally made the book make sense I eally liked this author because he gave a lot of detail in the book I think anyone could ead this book and say it was great I would ecommend this book to anybody and I think they would like it because the novel is packed with so much action and Hem But only Chosen Ones can be cave painters What's Volt the clan leader violently despises Tao And when the other clan members discover Tao's secret talent

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