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T is just beginning and does not have confidence in her ability to read hard words The illustrations in the book do a great job capturing the xcitement of Violet when she realizes she is able to read Through helping her brother try to win a contest Violet starts reading challenging words and begins to grow as a reader Violet was now determined to win her classes reading contest After she is victorious in the reading contest her brother Arthur finally believes she can read This book sends a message to young readers to not be afraid of hard words the only way you can grow as a reader is to challenge yourself I thought that this book was mediocre If I were a kid reading this I think I would have been bored because the art was dull and it was fairly long considering the reading level It tells the story of Arthur and his sister Violet Arthur is claimed that Violet can t read but Violet said she was out to win the first grade reading competition Arthur in the mean time is trying to sell comic books so he can as he believes have a dinner with King King Violet refutes that King Kong is fake and her reading The Management Bible eventually saves Arthur from a misunderstanding Overall the words in the book were simplenough for beginning readers but dull It is clearly a purely ducational book I think most kids would prefer something lively and action packed This is the story of Arthur and his little sister Violet Arthur tells violet that she can t read Arthur is trying to win the Super Chimps Comics sale contest and believes that the rewar. Sults are comic but not for poor Arthur Violet understands the words describing the contest better than Arthur does And it is Violet who wins a prize because she really can read Lillian Hoban's three.

Cute little story about how learning a few words leads to learning words and bigger words not to mention how its important to make sure you read all the words so you A teacher read this book to my class years ago ither kindergarten or first grade I forget which and I recently came across this in a bookstoreAll in all it s a cute story with a cute Sleepless (Bird of Stone, ending and an Aesop This is a story about Arthur and Violet Both of them like reading Arthur thinks he can read on the other hand Violet thinks she can t read hard word One day they go out to sell books to get prize but they have a lot of troubles because of their actual reading skill and thier confidences Both characters are so cute It was intersting for me that positions of both are changed compared with their original position Be honest Arthur Arthur s Prize Reader by Lillian Hoban was not one of my favorite books The first problem that I saw with it was that it was listed in the Beginner section at the public library that I got it from however the book seemed a little long for a beginner reader Second the book just didn t really get my attention Lastlyven though the book was conveying a message about reading books and a big brother helping a little sister with reading it seemed like the big brother didn t believe his little sister could read but when she showed him that she could read and understood the words he wanted to take all the credit The story is about two young monkeys Violet and Arthur Arthur is violets older brother and already knows how read Viole. You can't read Arthur tells his little sister Violet Yes I can she says She proves it when Arthur nters the Super Chimp Comics sales contest Arthur hopes to win a dinner for two with King Kong The re.

D is dinner for two with King Kong it is really dinner for two and a picture of King Kong Violet is trying to win the first grade reading contest by reading the most amount of books Arthur consistently reminds violet that she can t read She however says she can She reads hard words to Arthur and he tells her that s not what it says Violet comes home from school and she has been awarded the winner of the first grade reading contest because she read and understood the most books Arthur believes it is only because he helped her Violet is nice nough to share the ice cream reward with him A very cute book I really like this book This book is like a picture book my mom read to me when I was little This book talks about 2 little kids helping ach other to read The little girl have some difficulties to read hard wordsThe older brother is knowledgeable than the younger girl and teaches the girl to over come her weakness The brother are very patient and accommodating The story teaches me two things First of all books can bring many benefits to us Read can make you smarter and intelligent Mr Golgi once said books are the ladder of human progress The book makes you smarter thus you can face the difficulties bravely Helped you to develope your own methods to solve the problems Secondly be willing to help others is a noble character Find pleasure in helping others is regards anybody lse s difficulties as your own And you will feel the happiness from helping others Who wouldn t want to win dinner for two with King Kong Lol. Color pictures bubble with warmth and humorEvery child with an older brother or sister will delight in Violet's triumph And in her friendliness too as she lets her reading teacher Arthur share her pri.

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The youngest of three children Lillian Hoban was born in Philadelphia on May 18 1925 She attended the Philadelphia Museum School of Art studied dance for ten years and danced with the Martha Graham dancers taught Modern Dance and danced professionally in the 1950sShe learned to draw still life and began to write her own stories only after having children Phoebe Brom Esme and Julia and