[Shy Girl] Free à Elizabeth Stark

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D secrets around all of these set partially in san francisco The story was good but sometimes it was just so hard to follow what was happening in the book She would go from present day to a memory and back again with no real transitions I would have to reread parts to figure out what was going on While this was not erotica it gets pretty damn close to it It was pretty hot in the heavily implied sex scenes It was just yumThe writing was on point the plot was dark and angst filled but done the way I ike it I think every ueer girl has dated or been with a girl ike Shy I have LOLAlta is my fantasy of butch women come to ife Just droolsUNF and it was really hard to find a decent butch picture on google I need to find my stash of hot butch picturesI The Note love how this is a femmebutch dynamic story so I can get the best of both worlds here LOLBasically want angst and hot sex and have it well written Read this book Iiked this book I thought the two mai. Every girl in San Francisco who is so inclined But none can replace Sasha Shy Mallon the next door neighbor from her girlhood As teenagers they discovered themselves together; then Shy fled to Seattle and entered a relationship with a man Now.

A profoundly beautiful novel A The Loving Gift lesbian romance with several twists I found the different names hard to follow and aittle tedious at the beginning The plot picked up however and the ending was touching thought provoking and well written A good read Complex characters that keep you guessing I picked this one up at a The Wildcatter library for about 025 or so thinking it would be a fluffyittle thing to read It did only take me a day a day of reading that is to finish it but I was surprised at how much I Bear Claw Lawman (Bear Claw Creek Crime Lab, liked it The characters seemed real And while it s my firstesbian Her Nine Month Confession literature foray I thought it was pretty decent Perhaps I was also drawn in by the San Fran setting but who knows Poetic and beautiful writing at times Hasn t been pulling me in ateast not yet I m somewhat confused about the direction the story will take coming of age or A Southern Reunion lostove as if they are really differentconclusion dealt with the past with memories with family and family history an. Alta Corral is a distinctive character in contemporary fiction a young woman confident even nonchalant about her sexual conuests of other women She works as a body piercer at a full service tattoo parlor rides a motorcycle and has slept with.

Shy Girl Free à Elizabeth Stark

N characters Alta and Sasha aka Shy Girl were believable and realistic In fact everything in this book is so real Let It Go life the suburbs the parties in SF the way the characters relate to each other I enjoyed reading it and seeing everything in my imagination But I didn t care too much about the plotine about Sasha s mother s big secret It took a bit too ong in the suspense building phase and became kind of boring and then everything tied up the very end I wanted to know about the relationship between Alta Sasha and how and if they would get back together It s not a storybook type story but it depicts real ife really well I was pretty disappointed with how this book turned out At first it was a great story but to keep it simple as the plot thickened it just got boring and maybe a The Yuletide Rescue (Alaskan Search and Rescue little bit confusing So that s about it Yep Iiked the Toward a Better Life last third of the book It presents a time that is past related to experiences and roles between and amongesbians. Shy has returned pregnant to be at her dying mother's bedside Alta joins her there; and soon they are tending toward intimacy again in a way that shakes up their notions of who they are as well as opening up the secrets of their mothers' iv.

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