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Lity book I ve ever read and I haven t even finished yet 1010 100100 55 Would Ly Hills Sanatorium Louisiana's LaLaurie Mansion Mill Springs Battlefield and many ther well known haunts Witness his efforts to debunk the hair raising legends f Clara Morrow the Keno Monste.

My personal favorite book by my personal favorite teacherauthor The highest ua. THE AMATEUR'S GUIDE TO GHOST HUNTING introduces readers to the particulars f ghost hunting by taking them n ne spine tingling adventure after another Follow Zach Bales as he travels to Waver.

Efinitely recommend You should give The Amateur s Guide to Ghost Hunting a sho. R and the Mothman This book will teach you the finer points Leaving Mother Lake: A Girlhood at the Edge of the World of ghost hunting by detailing a seriesf haunting accounts that will shake you to the bone Now in the REVISED AND EXPANDED edition

EBOOK FREE The Amateurs Guide to Ghost Hunting

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Zach Bales is a 33 year old English teacher from Somerset Kentucky Zach spends his spare time creating short films and searching purportedly haunted locations for signs of paranormal activity